Three Divisions Play

To start things off I can probably show off the little LP channel I have been working on for some time. I am frequently getting videos out for five days of the week and while I may not be professional at this yet, I personally want to keep it like that as well. Some of these days some LP’s can get a bit too focused on fancy graphics and just ignoring the actual game itself. Then there is the face camera issue which I am not a fan of. I know an entertainer needs to entertain, but at the same time some people play a game to show off the game. I simply want the commentary to be nice and simple so that things do not go off track, now they still can, but if it feels natural and the commentary is still flowing fine, then that is good. Overall, if you want to watch these videos be my quest, I simply need to start organizing things better.–ptPRn4nmw

A recent video (Ace Attorney 01)


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