Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Thoughts

Will the excitement for this damn weekend end? Late Thursday and Friday gave us so much information about the Nintendo Switch and there is even going to be more soon with the Fire Emblem Direct. Now even Arc Systems just had to release something exciting as well. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator was one of my favorite games of last year and just one of my favorite fighting games in general. Now we are getting another version of Xrd with Rev 2. Now for those wondering what this is, this will be a downloadable extension of the current game. Now there will be a physical version of this game for the PS4. I will not lie depending if there are any cool things to collect I could just buy a physical copy of this game even if I do not have a PS4 as of yet. I can still play this thanks to keeping my PS3 around. So my PS3 is still going to have use after Persona 5. There are two new characters being added and before I get to that the other changes will be for the online mode and character tweaks. All I have to say right now is that Arc Systems is just defeating the competition for fighting games right now. I really want people to get into Guilty Gear, they are detailed fighters with the best visuals and the best music. Now onto those characters.

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2.png

The first character was Answer and for those who do not know him, his first appearance was in Xrd as a story only character. He is the right hand man of Chipp (the ninja trying to become president) and now he finally gets his chance to fight. I will say this was a shocking new character to have. The more I look at this guy though he fits right in. I love Guilty Gear’s characters their designs just work with me right off the bat. Answer is just like that, he is called the Business Ninja, how awesome is that? From what I can tell how he plays he looks like a variation of Chipp, but since Guilty Gear loves making characters feeling unique I bet he is going to far different. One thing I see that is similar to him and Chipp is that they are fast and teleport around the stage. Answer seems to have a good juggle game too. Answer can do a projectile special in mid-air which a majority of his combos takes his foe to the air and high chance him with Dust is going to be amazing. Answer even has a grab in the middle of his combos and it is straight up an Izuna Drop! When a new fighting game character comes out, if I go “I want to play as him/her” then they are a good new character. Guilty Gear just has the energy to show off how silly and awesome these guys are. I love how Answer rarely drops his calls and then he uses business cards as weapons. The appeal of him is great and now there is my absolute favorite character coming back to the series.


Baiken has always been my favorite in the series when I first got to play as her in Guilty Gear X. First off her design is what I love the most. Baiken does have some features that makes her sexy, but her major appeal is that she is a strict, mad, and badass lady. She just has this aura that some male characters have. They act tough and hot-headed and will beat anyone up if they tick them off. Baiken has that appeal and while a majority of female characters in many shows and games just be beautiful, Baiken has this masculine charm that always got my attention. I will say, her new design easily points to something in particular… either way it seems she is carrying a majority of her moves from the previous games. They did not show off her alpha counters, but high chance they are there. Baiken still has her kick board and dust move. Something that looks different is that she uses her claw for a mid-air grab and causes that for huge openings to attack. One thing that got my attention the most is the special move the trailer shows off. I know this special attack from doing the motion so many times, that is her slash special that always connect well in the middle of combos. The best part is that this can be upgraded to her Burst special which means this move is going to do bigger damage than ever before!


Overall I am completely going nuts with all the news we have been getting lately. Not only am I getting a sequel to my favorite RPG (Xenoblade 2), Fire Emblem Warriors and possibly more Fire Emblem news soon, Splatoon 2, ARMS, Carranger coming onto DVD, a new Nier, the new Gravity Rush, and even the return of Travis Touchdown. Now to top it I can get to play as my favorite fighting game character again. 2017 is going great already. So far the only news for Guilty Gear Rev 2 is that it is getting arcade testing in Japan and that this will be going to be pubic to consoles in Spring of this year.


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