My Favorite Video Game Characters (20-11)

Characters can come in many forms. They can be human, sub-human, or even inanimate objects brought to life. Either way though there are many characters out there which makes these lists interesting to look at. There can be many icons and yet someone can pick a character that most do not know about. This is why I am here to spread the word about things I just personally enjoy. Also this list might contain some spoilers on characters so you have been warned. Let us start off with probably my most interesting choice of the entire list.

20. Francis York Morgan


Deadly Premonition is one of my favorite guilty pleasures of gaming. The game plays horribly and the story is a big rip-off of the hit show Twin Peaks, but man it is so self-aware about it. Then we have York who is the best FBI agent around. York is a strange character and yet not the strangest one either which is really saying something compared to the other characters in Deadly Premonition. What makes York so great though is well at the end, but in the beginning he is straight up annoying people with his personal habits like smoking right in their faces. The guy even does not know when to close his mouth about certain subjects like recent cases he has covered. Personally I love that kind of attitude because having no limits on your conversations can really spice things up. Further in we do learn about him and what strange things he had in the past, like his love for rock as a teenager and actually looking like a punk at some point. What also makes me enjoy this character is his special friend Zach who is always talking to at all times and who is Zach… well you have to find out. Finally, York is a big movie buff and I love his constant rambles about Jaws, Superman, Mars Attacks, Killer Clowns from Outer Space, and An American Werewolf in London. Overall he is a lovable guy even though he can get annoying at times, he is strangely unique and that is why I enjoy this guy and Deadly Premonition.

19. Jack-O (Guilty Gear)


Daiksuke really knows how to make fighting game characters. He is always ready to experiment with new ideas. One thing that I love about his characters is that when they are newcomers, they already feel like they are cemented in the franchise. A new character feels as great as a veteran. Any newcomer in the franchise already feels like a full-fledged character thanks to how their personalities are represented and their character desgins. Jack-O is simply my favorite of a majority of the cast. First off, her design is as strong as many of Daisuke’s designs. My favorite part is that mask she wears, it loudly roars the jack-o lantern theme and just fits her silly tone. The nice shades of red in her gloves and the inside parts of her hair are fantastic. The red really pops out when the overall color scheme has white. Then how she plays is simply up there with Baiken in terms of fun and smoothness. Jack-O can summon houses that spawn minions and they can bring some mayhem if her foes are not fast enough. She can do many commands with them too like invigorate them and blow them up. This character even comes with unique Dust moves which makes meter burning the best with her. Jack-O even has great special moves which just flow so well. A simple backwards motion with a button press is so easy to work with and then a 360 motion with Dust is a great idea. Even if you do not get the special move, high chance you will get the normal grab so it does not punish you for messing it up. Jack-O even has large story importance as this was just another quick way to make her feel like she is a needed character. Jack-O overall has some of my favorite fighting game moments and that is saying something when she only came out like last year.

18. Dunban (Xenoblade Chronicles)


Dunban is simply a man I can like. He is a badass who has lost a lot, but still continues to fight. Dunban not only lost the use of his arm, he even lost fellow comrades in the previous war, and even his own sister. Throughout all of this sorrow, he never drops down. He actually helps Shulk to deal with Fiora’s death. Then there was the fact is that he was the hero. Dunban wielded the Monado before Shulk and used it to defeat an army of Mechon by himself! It damages his arm, but he still decides to use the sword once more to protect his town. When Shulk soon wields the Monado, Dunban still comes to fight on his side even with that arm completely disabled. I love his design when he returns to the party since he covers his arm with a great cape. He has a matador look to him and his overall stoic looks just works perfectly with that. Dunban is the past hero and that never gets himself filled with glory or anything like that. Dunban is proud to simply be fighting the good fight. Also I don’t want to spoil too much about the game, but there is an awesome scene of Dunban fighting in a snow field that just made him one of the best characters of Xenoblade.

17. Luigi (Mario)


Luigi has always been a childhood favorite of mine. I grew up with an older brother and for a while I did feel like I was inferior to my older brother. I felt like Luigi had that similar issue and I was actually right, but that is just the start of Luigi’s personality. He might get scared at times and yet he will be by his brother’s side. If I had to pick my favorite Luigi moment, it would have to be from Dream Team where we hear Luigi’s inner thoughts about why he sticks around. He is the little brother and may not get all the attention and glory, but in the end he wants to protect his brother and do the right thing just like he does. Along with that, Luigi is some unknown power and Dream Team really explored that with Dreamy Luigi where he fought Bowser mostly by himself. Along with that, Luigi gave me some good ghost busting fun in Luigi’s Mansion 1 and 2.

16. Naoto Shirogane (Persona)


Naoto shares a similar feeling I had with Luigi which was that I felt like I had to meet someone’s expectations. Naoto is from Persona 4 and even though they tried to hide it, Naoto is clearly a woman. The problem is that she comes from a family of detectives and they have been all guys. Sadly Naoto has no brothers so she has some tough expectations to meet. She even wanted to become a boy so that she would not have to worry about that burden. Accepting that dark side of herself though got her to realize that her dreams cannot be held back by people’s expectations. She even deals with extreme shyness and continuing to get her Social Link does help her to break out of that. To be honest I used to be a sheltered person as well, but now I am free and I want to do what I want to do! Naoto is also one of my favorites to use in the Arena series as her gun play is extremely fun!

15. Kirby


Kibry is Kibry. What more can I say about the pink puff-ball that has the destructive power of a God! The thing about Kirby is that he is always getting some new powers that will soon top what he had before. So far Kirby’s power in Triple Deluxe is amazingly powerful and those Ultra Abilities from Return’s to Dreamland are beyond anything in Dreamland. I always love to play as Kirby, if it is a new game of his or in Smash Bros. Kirby has some of the best moves in any game because of just how many there are and in newer titles they keep expanding on these powers. Just playing as Kirby makes you feel as destructive has him and then just look at him! How can something be so powerful and cute at the same time?

14. Ike and Zelgius (Fire Emblem)


I have talked about Ike before, but the big thing that made Ike such a great character was a rival. Now for Ike he grew up in a mercenary group with his father. Soon the mercenaries get tied into a tricky situation with Princess Elincia since she is being chased after a powerful empire. One of those people in the empire is that said rival. The Black Knight aka Zelgius was easily one of the best Fire Emblem bosses or even just one of the best villains in Nintendo history. He kills Ike’s father Greil which soon causes Ike to become the leader and soon become the leader of an entire army. Now the whole thing with Greil is that he used to be part of the powerful empire and he had a student which was Zelgius. This man takes down his teacher, but without knowing what has happened in the past. Either way the rivalry between Ike and Zelgius is one of my favorites because of how these two never truly hated each other. Sure Ike did in the beginning, but throughout his journey he was learning to be a true warrior. Zelgius then shares his burden of being a half race and wanted to purge the world anew so that the new people did not have to deal with the issues of racism in the land. Even when Ike does defeat Zelgius at the end, Zelgius thanks him for giving him the fight he has been hoping for and Ike even considered him his final teacher and not as a foe. These two share burdens and these two wanted to make sure everyone can live together, sadly Zelgius fell on the wrong path.

13. Makoto Nanaya (Blazblue)


I remember when I started Blazblue with the second game and then I got the downloadable characters later on and man I loved to play as Makoto. I still do play this character a great amount and just have fun with what she has. I may have someone better, but Makoto is still my favorite to play as. Makoto is fast and strong with some amazingly strong punches that can even destroy moons! Makoto’s part of the story is not the biggest, but she is a great friend of Noel and Tsubaki and man that was a rocky relationship for those two. For the longest time Makoto was a shut in because she was a beastkin, pretty much a half human and animal hybrid. It was Noel and Tsubaki that got her to open up and drop the cold act for good. After that she becomes very close to her gals, a little too close at times. Again just like York I got something in common with her and it was thanks to some great friends of mine that got me to open up and just be as strange as possible. Sometimes I do invade personal spaces a little too much, but everyone gets a laugh in the end. Also I will admit that this is the character I would say I have a crush on the most. Her design just works for me and that big squirrel tail of hers is awesome! Makoto still has one weird thing about her though and that is her turn on for pedophilia… Yea I still do not get that, but hey we all have our own sexual kinks.

12. Margaret  Moonlight (No More Heroes)


Picking a No More Heroes character can be very tricky since a majority of the character only appear like once in a game. We got Travis, Slyvia, Shinobu, and Henry that are the big four of the franchise, but a lot of people get killed in No More Heroes. So picking a character from this series can be tricky, but I have to go with my favorite boss. A close one for this spot would be Holly Summers and how deep her speech was and how much of a game changer she was for the first game. For me though Margret Moonlight is the best boss in terms of execution. That is always No More Heroes best quality, how it did these one shot characters. Players got to learn a lot from them from their quick appearances. Margret even has the one of the lowest amount of dialogue in terms of the scenes, hell one boss doesn’t even talk in No More Heroes 2. Still Margret stays on top of a building and only at night she will appear and when you fight her, a song will be played. This is where Margret speaks the most as her song is taunting Travis during their fight. Yet her song speaks many truths about the theme of the sequel game. The fight itself is great with her sniping you down from afar, then changing her weapon into scythes and tries to jump down on you, which then leads to her vanishing and taking things from afar again with her dual guns. When you get close to her once more, she brings out the scythes again and can even change them into one. Yea that is the big thing with her weapon, it is a sniper rifle, dual guns, and even scythes which has two variations! So her weapon is four in one! Even her design with the Gothic Lolita theme and black and white color schemes works perfectly with the reaper angle she is playing with. Now the reason why she is not in the top ten was because well… she has one appearance only and even though she is the near perfect boss fight, that is the only thing to love about her. Maybe if she appears in No More Heroes 3 that could help her chances and that could actually be possible since her body was not seen after she supposedly died.

11. Shun Akiyama (Yakuza)


I recently got into the Yakuza franchise because for action games this one really stands out. The combat is insane in more realistic angle compared to No More Heroes, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta. Now my favorite game in the franchise is Yakuza 4 which is where we meet many new characters and I really liked how they explored multiple angles in the story. We got to see how people reacted to the explosion on Millennium Tower where billions of yen scatter around the city, we got to learn about Majima’s (who was originally going to be on this list, but he could I have to play Yakuza 0!) past of how he became a big leader and lost his eye. There were even new angles with the police of the city and how Kiryu still has business to take care of. The character I got to like the most though was Akiyama who has my favorite fighting style, the best character design, and just the best personality. He is heavily carefree and takes life in a gung-ho feeling. What Akiyama deals with is being a loan shark, but he is not your usual one. He will give someone money, but he does not force them to pay back. The price comes with that these people need to pass his tests which usually deal with their personal issues and changes them into better people. He even runs a hostess club which easily keeps his money up even though it will be a long time before his loan shark takes a huge chunk of his cash. How Akiyama became rich is actually a sad story that soon turns into a miracle. He worked as a banker back then and was framed by his own company which caused him to be homeless and he was a person who got tons of money from the explosion I mentioned before. He rebuilt his life and even though it is still not the most amazing one, he is fine with the smallest pleasures and constantly helps people so that they do not have to deal with the problems he had before. This guy even parties with the homeless and gives them tons of food and drinks. This guy may have a sharp tongue at times, but this guy is extremely kind which makes him stand out in the franchise, because usually there are many characters that are just after money for their own purposes.


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