My Top Ten Least Favorite Street Fighter Characters

As you probably noticed from my favorite characters list, I enjoy fighting games a whole lot. A big reason would be for the roster of characters. Fighting game characters always stand out to me because they have to get appeal straight from their designs. I would say Guilty Gear has the best designs which always got my attention before actually playing it. Changing the subject though there is Street Fighter, the franchise that made this genre into what it is now. There are many characters and so with that there are going to be some flukes. Now I am not basing this on stats or anything like that, I am just looking at this with design and how they are as characters.

10. Yang and Yun


To start the list off these two have always been characters I never liked. What is their thing, hip hop! Yes Street Fighter 3 did move to this new mood and they just wanted to show it with two new characters. Personally that is all I feel from them. Even in their appearances in the Street Fighter 4 series really gave me nothing to go crazy for. I will say I am more for Yang because I like his hair, but then both of their play styles are just not for me. I know Yun in Street Fighter 4 was insane and is still probably the best character of the game, but I cannot play as him. If I ever played as them I was forcing myself to learn their moves, nothing felt natural with them. These two are not terrible characters, but just two I have the most neutral feelings about which is bad as well.

9. C. Viper


I know this character is actually quite popular among fans, but I just hate this character. What always got me to not like her would be her hair. I have never been a fan of her hair and it is the most appalling feature in her design. I have seen people drawn her with the hair down and I feel the effect is better. Long red hair really stands out and yet for some reason she has it bunched up in some pompadour and pony tail. Also she is a red-head so of course she has fire moves! Personally I enjoy Ken as my fire fighter. The thing that gets me with C. Viper is that she got into Marvel VS Capcom 3, I guess she was popular enough. In terms of an actual character though, she is just agent women which again if I wanted that, there is Chun Li. C. Viper just seems to be borrowing aspects from other fighters and just had to have odd character designs to make her stand out, also boobs.

8. Twelve


This is just a boring character. Pure white, acts like goo, and transforms into other fighters. I feel there is only one character that has done the transforming aspect well in fighting games and that is Double from Skullgirls. With Double all of her moves are composed of what the other fighters have. With Twelve it is just a special move and you just become the character. Even then his move set is nothing to rave about. I will say I like how he flies and that is it. To be honest I do not have much to say about Twelve since there is really no character to speak of in terms of story. This one is the hardest to talk about since he is just some clone creature.

7. Seth


Reminding me of uninspired, Seth is simply a slightly better Twelve, but why is he higher than Twelve. At least Twelve has some connections with Gill and Urien who are cool characters. Seth is connected with Bison and who isn’t? I actually enjoy Shadaloo’s characters, but Seth never impressed me. The silver body has been done to death in many entertainment mediums, his personality is just arrogance. Sure Bison is arrogant, but Bison is so evil about it and he does have his moments where he breaks into rage. Then I hate it when a boss character is playable and is nothing like their boss incarnation. Seth has some of the worst stats and ultra moves which sucks if you pick this guy expecting some strong moves. I understand balance, but the Seth that is playable is just a lie!

6. Necalli


When I was making this list I thought I would not bring up Street Fighter V. To me this cast feels the strongest so far since Street Fighter 2. Again the third game has some misses and the fourth game has too many characters which just means there are going to be bad ones. The fifth installment gave us fan favorites and all the new characters really have a cool presence, except one. Necalli to me is just boring which is sad because I remember seeing his first trailer being excited for him. He looked like some out of control creature to be feared and yet his involvement in the story is literally nothing. In the end he was just a test for Ryu which we have Akuma for that! I generally even like Necalli’s design, it is cool when he enters his V-Trigger. The overall effect he has though in the end was nothing. It just felt like he appeared and left so this character really came to a disappointment. Maybe further in he can get better, but as of now he is quite underwhelming.

5. Abel


Now we really get to the characters that I just hate. There are not many good fighting franchises where I have characters that I purely hate. I think even some bad fighting games have better characters compared to these five characters. Abel is the beginning of this because to give credit he is a good character in 4 in terms of game play, but I just hate everything else about him. He is a boring character and his only shocking thing was the sonic boom which meant he was connected with Nash the actual cool character. That is a sin for a character at times, making you think of another character. It is like a teaser and this is true because Nash came back in Street Fighter V. Even with that his interactions with other characters are just boring. The only one I liked was in Street Fighter X Tekken where he wanted to have Kuma as a pet. Finally his design is just that blue guy with blonde hair.

4. T. Hawk


Early Street Fighter characters can be quite hard to talk about. Again there was barely any story in these days of Street Fighter and anyone can just do whatever with it. Just look at Street Fighter the Movie. Even then though barely anything was done with T. Hawk. At least later on someone made a cool Native character in Killer Instinct, but this character is odd. I do not like his body build at all, he is a big man, but he still has this hourglass like shape. He looks uncomfortable the whole time, he is just wearing tight pants or something? To give credit they did not give him any cliché weapons that some tribal or native characters can have, but his style is boring to me. For grapplers Zangief has always been cool, getting his body fully into motion and fully grabbing the character. T. Hawk just uses his arms which really makes me believe his waist and below are just waiting to break down. Then I said he has no weapons that are connected to any clichés with his race… well many of his moves are though… Overall I feel like this character is just an odd choice in the roster, he just stood out for the wrong reasons.

3. Shadowgeist

You know who is cool? Skullomania! I love the skull man who is a direct reference to Skullman and even Kamen Rider. Skullomania even has a simple design that really works. It really looks like a suited hero. Take that concept again and just put the scale to over the top and we get Shadowgeist, a variation of Skullomania. There is just too much in his character design. He is a huge man so I guess the designer just had to fit whatever he could into this large man. Than let us just add a cape for no reason. I missed when Skullomania had the belt in his design, but hey Shadowgeist has one and it is a sun. Wait his name is Shadowgeist with a sun motif? Then he even has some scales on his design for some reason or maybe it is solar plates. Again this character just confuses me and his personality is literally Skullomania 2.0 which a revenge story this time, trying a little too hard on that Kamen Rider reference there. At least with Skullomania he was simple with it and reminded you of what makes the reference cool. Shadowgeist feels more like a modern rider before the modern era even came, confusing designs and over the top choices just to make him stand out.

2. Dee Jay


The other Street Fighter 2 character that I absolutely detest. First off, I always thought this character was a villain. His big body and that grin of his always gave off this evil vibe to me. This guy is a good guy though and just does things. I will say out of all the racial stereotypes, I really hate the Jamaican ones the most. I will say I really loved the movie Cool Runnings which had some. Dee Jay just reminds me of the worst though because he is really has no character other than that. Just give him some maracas and we got ourself a character. I also feel that other fighting games did the dancing fighter better. Even the EX series did better with another dancer character. Dee Jay just felt like a prototype and even his later appearances did nothing to improve him, to be honest I think they did worse with the character over time.

1. Rufus


Now we get to probably my overall most hated fighting game character of all time. Rufus just bothers me in the worst way possible. The guys at Capcom happened to see Bob from Tekken and wanted to do that character. The major difference is that Bob is awesome! Bob is a fat fighter, but how he acts is suave and gentle. Seeing him for the first time and knowing how he actually acts is quite surprising. Rufus is pretty much what you expect though. A fat silly man… because we do not have enough of them! Sure in fighting games it is rare, but the overall fat silly men are high. I also hate Rufus’ design with the only color being yellow! There is some black mixed in, but the over tone of yellow is blinding! Then for some reason he leaves his suit open in the middle. The worst part of it is that we see his god damn happy trail, learn to cover stuff up like that! I know he is a comedic character, but he is so annoying with it. What is funny about Bob is how much of a surprise he is and how he fights a stereotype, Rufus is just the sterotype!


4 thoughts on “My Top Ten Least Favorite Street Fighter Characters

  1. Oh man, this list just got me progressively more upset as I started to remember how much I disliked some of these characters. I really dislike Rufus, Viper, and Seth. Their character designs just don’t appeal to me in the least,


      • Yeah, that would be ideal. It’s even worse when you go up against a Rufus main and you lose miserably to him >_>

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