My Top Ten Favorite Street Fighter Characters

Last time I got my least favorite characters out-of-the-way because I was a bit loopy from medicine when I had a terrible cold. For some reason I wanted to have an unfiltered hatred presented in that post, now I did edit it later on the road to make sure I did not go too crazy. Either way I am feeling better and I know I can easily talk about my favorite characters without being in a craze.

10. Rashid


To start things off I want to talk about my favorite of the newcomers to the franchise. Personally I feel Street Fighter V did very well with its new characters. Sure Fang is laughable on the tier list, but I really enjoy him has a character and his play style is still quite funny to use. Laura is an interesting projectile/grappler character with some revealing aspects… Even the recent addition of Kolin is strong as she feels like a new type of character in the series. Then there is Rashid who to me is the best around and many agree. Rashid is first off a nice person and has a good attitude about things, he even has good comic relief moments. I was surprised to see Rashid get a large amount of love in the story mode and it really made me like this character way more. Rashid took on a lot already and sometimes giving the new blood huge focus can go wrong so quickly, but give Rashid an awesome design and amazing fighting style and barely anyone would complain. His tornado style is a great mix up tool in terms of projectiles and his V-trigger with bigger tornadoes is fun to watch. His Critical Art is some of my favorites since surrounding foes in wind and your kicks is both awesome and funny at the same time. Finally, I also feel his English voice actor Ian Sinclair did extremely well with the role. Then of course we cannot forget about his awesome theme song… RASHDIOOO!

9. Alex


Alex is yet another risky character in the franchise. You think Rashid had big impressions to work with, well Alex was going to be the new face of the franchise. People tend to forget what happened with Street Fighter 3 when it started. It was a new age for the franchise and Capcom wanted to make a completely new roster which looking at the majority of the roster are some my favorites even if there are some misses still. Alex being the new main character is really interesting since he did not play like Ryu at all. Alex is a cool mixture of a rush down and grappler character. Alex has some of my favorite grab specials in fighting games and what easily helped that was his appearance in Tatsunoko VS Capcom where the guy can throw Gold Lightan around! I will say his appearance in Street Fighter V could be better, but it is better than his initial reception where people just hated the guy because he was not any of the classic characters. Street Fighter 3 characters had some hard times in the beginning, but now most of these guys do get the love they deserve thanks to the one of the best fighting games called 3rd Strike!

8. Urien


Wow another Street Fighter 3 character and this is clearly not the last one. Now the reason Urien tops Alex is because I do feel his Street Fighter V appearance is stronger. Urien in Street Fighter V is getting tons of love and his reveal really got people pumped (look up L.I Joe’s reaction). Again Urien was this unique character in the series where he had these strong projectiles, but can also be a counter to projectile characters. Urien had these intense moves that could get him close while avoiding fireballs. Then there is the famous Agesis Reflector that is doing extremely well as his V-Trigger in his current style. Another reason why Urien is a strong character is because his is canonically one of the strongest in general. We all know Gil is stronger than him, but Urien is pretty much right below him. I do love his costume choices as well since there is the classic banana hammock, but I will say I do love seeing Urien in a suit, nothing beats class in a fighting game.

7. Cammy


Out from the classic era of Street Fighter 2 one of the newer additions are my absolute favorite. An honorable mention would be Fei Long, but to be honest he is just Bruce Lee. Cammy is more of her own character and she had some ups and downs in the franchise. Who remembers the original ending she had in Street Fighter 2 (have fun watching that)? Still how Cammy is implemented in the story is nice as she is kind of like Zero from the Megaman series. Cammy was an experiment for Bison since he needs to find a body to use later down the line. Cammy is the best of the dolls that Bison created and Cammy is the one that soon broke free and became one of the good guys. I do enjoy that aspect when a villain’s greatest invention actually turns out to be the hope for many. Cammy has a cool style of fighting where she jumps around to get a punch in or do some awesome slide kicks! Then we cannot ignore her design because we all know her pose from the games with that insanely tight uniform!

6. Akuma


Akuma is on everyone’s list, end of discussion. I mentioned Akuma when I talked about Necalli since to me Akuma is one of the best chaotic neutral characters. Whenever Akuma shows up you know there is going to be an intense fight. His first appearance being a secret character shocked many and him being a hard fight made him memorable. What also makes Akuma awesome was the many incarnations of him in spin-off titles or boss variations of him. Shin Akuma destroyed a meteor, Oni is Akuma at his peak, then Cyber Akuma is too amazing to look upon. Akuma is extremely popular and many are loving his new style in Street Fighter V where this Ryu variation took a new path. Akuma is even appearing in Tekken, how crazy is that?! Overall, Akuma is easily one of the strongest fan favorites and he still to this day is looking for a worthy foe.

5. Dudley


I mentioned with Urien that I do love having class in fighting games, well Dudley takes that to a new level. His talks like a gentlemen, acts likes one, and even tosses roses around. I do like my close range fist fighters and I will say the new Balrog is my favorite incarnation of that character, but Dudley is still my favorite boxer of fighting games. I do love his Cross Counter ability with that silly animation when he enters it. The way he boxes and still keeping style is amazing. Then there is his voice clips from Street Fighter 3, Uppercut! I will say his appearance in 4 is not as strong as it was in 3, but I still did enjoy his arcade story. He surrounds himself with a rose garden and travels the world to find the perfect sparring partner. Dudley basically works with concept and visual appeal and he just does that extremely well.

4. Ken Masters


Ken has always been one of my favorites. I enjoy him way more than Ryu in style and character. Ken made me love with the aspect of fire fighters which is clearly seen with my enjoyment of Sol Badguy. To me Ken just fits more of my playing style compared to Ryu as well and since Ken has been in mostly every Street Fighter title, there is a lot to enjoy about him. First can we all mention that 3rd Strike Ken is the greatest, EVO moment #37 anyone? Out of the voices for Street Fighter characters both English and Japanese do amazing with the character as the current voice actors would be Ruben (Dante) for the English and Yuji (Red Racer). I have to pick between two of my favorite goofballs, that is just impossible! A big reason why I enjoy playing as Ken more is because of his hurricane kicks and his special moves. Amazing combo moves that can really change-up on how you use them. Also I extremely love his look in Street Fighter V, sure in-game it could look better, but the concept artwork for him is amazing. Then those fire kicks really come out strong in the recent title. Ken Master is an aggressively fast character and I will always pick him before Ryu.

3. Charlie Nash


Originally I was thinking of making this a tie between Nash and Guile, but in the end I have to go with Nash in the end. Now what can get confusing is his name since in America it was Charlie and in Japan it was Nash. Pretty much I just put the two together and I think that is how many do it now these days or Charlie was like a codename for Nash. Either way it is Nash now because of Street Fighter V. Reminding me of that there will be a spoiler or two right now. Charlie is one of the rare characters in the series where he died. Sure he came back in Street Fighter V, but even then he sacrificed himself to take down Bison then. I will say this is probably a huge reason the character left an impact on me because he is simply not around anymore. Nash was even the man who taught Guile the moves we all love, Sonic Boom, Flash Kick! Charlie was even an early threat to Bison so much that Bison had to cheat to kill him! His design in the Alpha/Zero series is fantastic and his design in the recent title was surprising and awesome at the same time. I did love his teleports and how strong he was in Street Fighter V originally, but now with those recent patches he is still fun to play as, it is just the reward is not there anymore. Overall, Charlie or Nash whatever you want to call him he will always be remembered for what he did in the series.

2. Q/Skullomania


Both of these characters really fit in the weirdo territory. Q is silent all the time and we really do not know what his deal is. Skullomania is simply a Kamen Rider in Street Fighter which I have no problem with at all. Both of these guys are just odd characters. Even how they fight is strange compared to previous characters. Q is slow, but has an ability where he can give himself a strength boost. Q’s grabs can be intense with that ability and he does have unique ways of approaching you. Skullomania is a faster Q in many ways. Strange fighting habits, but can easily get to you with his moves. In terms of designs both of these guys work on the legendary Shotaro Ishinomori’s characters. Q is a clear tribute to Robot Keiji K and Skullomania is based on the Skullman which was an early rough draft for what Kamen Rider was supposed to be. So both of these two characters work well with concepts and other characters that I love. Q and Skullomania really show the love of the original and also being their own character at the same time.

1. Juri

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I do love my kicking styles in anything fight oriented. I will say when Street Fighter 4 first came out it did not really get my attention. Then came along Super Street Fighter 4 with a bigger roster and the addition of Juri. First off in terms of designs I absolutely love both of them, even her alternate costumes are pretty great too. I usually like hair for female characters to be more straight down, but Juri really works well against that. It just adds more evil to her design. Juri even has the sexy appeal by even having more clothes on that many other characters. One of big things would be her legs and yet she wears those baggy pants and her V appearance she has a whole bodysuit on. The long belt in her 4 design really helps focus on the waist down and the spider on her back really does show you her legs are deadly. The eye patch on her V design puts more focus on the eye.  Juri simply has my favorite designs in Street Fighter and her sadistic nature is right up my alley. You think Tharja is sadistic? Juri would love to crush every bone in your body. Juri’s English voice actress, Jessica Straus do so well with showing how much pleasure Juri has with fighting. Juri is overall my favorite Street Fighter character around, awesome designs, my prefered fighting style of South Korean kick boxing, and a voice that is both delightful and terrifying at the same time. Juri even comes from the series of Street Fighter where most of my hated characters come from, how funny is that?


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