My Top Ten Wanted Newcomers For Super Smash Bros Switch

I cannot believe I am already doing a new list like this. Smash Bros 4 was not that long ago when it was announced and the excitement can start all over again. There are many changes I do want for Smash Switch, but most of them is single player content. To be honest I really enjoy the style Smash 4 had for fighting. I feel like it had the best of everything so far from the franchise. Now in terms of the roster, while I enjoyed the many new additions. I do have to question on the franchise representation. Mario has a lot which makes sense since it is Mario and even for a Fire Emblem fan like myself, there were a bit too much FE characters. I really do hope that the roster balances things out more and I will probably discuss about that too. Now for this list this is just a wish list. I am throwing some ideas like balance out the window. If I want something I will push for it of course.

10. Takamaru


Now for I bet a majority of people do not even know who this character is. Oddly enough he was considered for Smash 4’s roster, but was cut to being obscure. There were rumors of at least his game having a stage and the evidence would be a music track based on his game, The Mysterious Murasame Castle. In terms of his appearances other than his main game, he was also in Captain Rainbow another Japanese only game and then appearing as a guest character in Samurai Warriors 3. As of now he is an assist trophy and I do feel like he should get a chance. Smash 4’s roster really did lack some of those Eastern only characters like how Marth and Roy were that originally in Melee. Look at Fire Emblem now though in terms of a Smash roster though. I am simply saying giving an old character a new chance can open to many new things. Pit had his appearance in Brawl and got a new game and even tons of animated shorts. There is a company that actually said they would like to work with this IP and that was Platinum, which that company usually makes platinum titles. So giving Takamaru a chance to shine could lead to a better future for the character and possibly expanding on a forgotten IP.

9. Black Shadow


I do love me some Smash Ganondorf and I still got to agree that we need to change him up. If Bowser can have a brand new look and play style, why should Ganondorf still have no sword. If they want to continue using the Twilight Princess Ganondorf, go ahead, that is an awesome one to use. Just give him some sword play! This is a big reason why Black Shadow should be added to the roster. Being an F-Zero character him being an alteration of Captain Falcon would make more sense. I do feel a bit bad for just giving him an old move set, but if they do redesign Ganon, I do not want the old play style to leave. Also, how long will Captain Falcon be alone on his side of the roster, technically Samus is too, which speaking of.

8. Ridley


Time to beat a dead horse with this topic, Ridley. We all know the jokes with this character being too big and how he represents a menacing force. Sakurai has talked so much about this and yet he broke many of his rules previously too. Can this finally be the chance for Ridley to break his curse. We have dealt with flying characters before, I mean just look at Pit and Meta Knight, they have wings! Sure Ridley is bit more famous for his flight compared to previous characters, but that will just mean he can have great recovery and mobility in the air. We have seen Little Mac dominating the ground game, so let’s get a character that can dominate the air game. Characters like Samus and Captain Falcon have been alone for too long, so lets throw some villains in there!

7. Impa


If Ganondor does get a new style of play, they could give his Twilight Princess version a new move set or simply use the Hyrule Warriors Ganon. Either way I do feel that something from these brand of Warriors games should get some representation. Fire Emblem Warriors just got done with three packs of DLC and I bet there is more Nintendo IP Warriors games to come. Now this could just be an easy way to slip Ryu from Ninja Gaiden in which would be pretty awesome, I will not lie. One thing I would love more though is Impa and her Hyrule Warriors design to be used. A move set would work extremely well for this Impa and it does give another big Zelda character a spotlight she deserves. I would love to see a Final Smash with a Warriors’ character, Impa even had different weapons in that game so it really should be a no brainer to make a move set. This Impa is the deadliest one to cross in battle and it would flow so nicely in Smash Bros combat.

6. Shantae or Shovel Knight


Indie games are getting way more attention than ever. There have been some highs and lows and that is to be expected. So far nothing has incredibly hurt the indie market as of now. It seems to be a good time to cash in on the indie scene right now. Suda 51 is doing that right now. Nintendo has even worked with companies mostly Wayforward like Mighty Switch Force and Shantae. Shovel Knight literally got his own Amiibo! This is an extremely hard decision because both of these characters show off the market greatly. The success stories for both of these franchises are nice so either or can work. Both characters have a variety of moves to use for a move set with Shovel Knight and his items or Shantae using transformation powers. Both even have a nice weapon of choice for basic attacks, Shante and her hair and Shovel Knight with his well shovel. In the end though there is no doubt an indie character is going to be left out of the roster, and I nominate these two for that chance.

5. K. Rool


Another villain to be added to the roster. While we are at it, bring Wolf back too. We need more rival characters because so many of these characters are known for great battles with their number one foes. Sure K. Rool has been absent from the franchise for a long time, but who is more notable than K. Rool for the villain. He has been in four games and was always the big bad. Sure they could add Dixie Kong who has history of being on the selection process before and there is even Cranky who got to be like Scrooge Mcduck with his stick. K Rool though has ton of fan support as he was easily in the top three in the character poll for Smash 4’s DLC. K. Rool has many outfits which can not only be used for great costumes, these costumes can even represent his move pool. Throwing the crown, shooting cannon balls, flying around, and even shaking the ground. K. Rool has done a whole lot to make even Donkey Kong worry. It would also be great to see a stage of K. Rool’s ship.

4. Lyn, Hector, or Ephriam

Now many people are probably confused here. Since yes these two characters are Fire Emblem characters. The FE roster is huge already and it needs to be trimmed down. I think there should just be four characters and if they want to keep Lucina as a costume or just an alternative version, fine. For the actual fourth character slot I say we replace Roy for the GBA Lord spot. I will admit Ephriam is more of my personal choice and the same can be said for Hector because these two carry different weapons, a lance or an ax. Hector will be a great heavy-set character and Ephriam can be nice a balanced and maybe even share some of Corrin’s abilities like having a ranged tip mechanic. Lyn though is an amazing choice to have, she is one of FE’s best girls around, yes better than Lucina. There is even an actual playable Lyn in an unfinished build of Project M, so the character easily has attention too. Lyn even won a character poll for FE Heroes. I really do love the FE franchise so picking just one is extremely hard for me to do. All I do know is that we need a better lord to showcase the GBA part of the franchise.

3. Ashley


Ashley has always been a strong favorite for me. While Wario has a history with the Wario Land games and people are really pushing for Waluigi this time around. I still have to go with Ashley. I had her on my list for Smash 4 newcomers and I still want to push her in the roster. She recently had assist trophy status and for some reason she has two theme songs. There is her original theme from Smash Bros Brawl and that track is still loved to this day, but there was a remix of that track. In Smash Wii U for Japan only, there is a new remix for her song. Now music has shown to be signs of more to come like I established with Takamaru. Ashley could have been put into consideration before which I bet is expected. Ashley is one of Warioware’s most loved characters along with Mona and 9-Volt. So having this little witch in the roster will not surprise me at the least and maybe we can get that second theme of hers to be a character theme.

2. Zero (Megaman X)


There is one rule that Sakurai broke with Smash 4 and that was with guest characters. He has stated before that each company can only get one character and somehow Capcom got two with Megaman and Ryu. Not bad picks at all, but this did get me to think about if third-party franchises can be expanded on the roster. Originally the rumors of Sonic being in Melee had him with Tails. There is way more third party characters in Smash Bros now so it will not surprise me if they want to try to expand some. Megaman was highly requested for a long time so we can possibly add in a new face to expand the Megaman roster. Representing the Megaman X franchise we have Zero, who is also the main character of his own series too. If they want to have both versions of Zero and simply use that has costume ideas I will be for that. For the most part though I adore the original Zero for being my absolute favorite character during my childhood. Zero has appeared in fighting games before so a move set for him will not be hard at all. If Megaman can have his uppercut move from the Marvel VS Capcom series, Zero could get a similar treatment. Zero has many moves from the X series and they could do a new Megaman with him. This is just an extremely personal pick for me as I know this will not likely happen, but again I will push for it.

1. Travis Touchdown


This is an obvious one with all the recent commotion for a new No More Heroes game. Even Suda 51 himself is pushing Travis as hard as he can. Travis has three looks he can work with for costumes and with Travis becoming a possible Nintendo character only, could give him the chance Bayonetta got. To be honest it is still surprising that Bayonetta got in and how much she stayed herself in Smash Bros. People worry that Travis not swearing is going to get rid of his character, but he far more of a character than just profanity. He is violent yet goofy, it is an odd blend for sure and yet Travis pulls that off. You know what is violent yet goofy, Smash Bros. With how Travis is jumping into video games, he can easily jump into Smash Bros with no problem. If they want to use the newest look for Travis, he has that Power Glove to do new moves he has never been able to do before. I would personally still like to see moves representing his side jobs like having a lawn mower or bashing people with coconuts. What I would love more is Travis being able to switch Beam Katanas to change his style, and still worry about the charge of his swords. Nintendo lately has been acting more reasonable with more explicit material being shown off on their new console, the Switch. Who knows how Travis could act, but I know if Suda 51 is going for gold on this, he will get his dream.


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