The Importance of Devil May Cry 5

Now that I have time to actually be calm about Devil May Cry 5 (I am so lying right now; the excitement levels are still at the top). I think talking about this title’s importance is needed. When I started with the series was with the fourth installment. I have known about the series, but the PS3 was my first Sony console and I always seen tons of Dante thanks to Devil May Cry 3 videos on the internet. I even watched the animated series which some people like to get mad about that product, but I am simply okay with it. Either way the most obvious point to mention is that it has been ten years since we got numerical sequel for this franchise. There was the reboot game which we shall get to at some point in this post. Lately Capcom seems like it is bringing back their old golden standard, I mean not only is there Devil May Cry we also got Megaman and more to standard Resident Evil game. Overall though, this fifth title is going to be extremely important to the market as the Devil May Cry name has only been getting stronger over time.


So with the mention of DmC: Devil May Cry, the reboot title developed by Ninja Theory there is no doubt it damaged the franchise a bit. Whether you like the game or not, it cannot be ignored that the issues with DmC did cause some conflicts. Capcom simply wanted a Western take on the franchise which soon got a bit out of hand thanks to the development team. Ninja Theory did listen to Capcom about what they wanted for this title, but then how they reacted to the initial spark of insanity is made everything go crazy. Ninja Theory calling out fans which soon lead to articles saying that fans were being dumb and a disappointment to the franchise itself. Also, the whole fact that the company compared the female characters of the franchise to prostitutes, classy. So, with the madness that began from a teaser trailer is quite silly. When the company is then starting to throw insults, the anger is easier to understand.  Now when the game did first come out, yea there were issues to the game itself. Later on, though they did make a new version of the game and fixed many of those problems, including some cut scenes. Either way though, DmC was a bit too damaged to be saved and while the fourth game got a special edition, it still took some time for number five.


Capcom clearly did not forget about the franchise since Dante still had his fighting game appearances, but at this point he was up there with Darkstalker characters with the fact that they will just be in the fighting games. High chance the interest came back up though even before Marvel VS Capcom Infinite when the special edition of the fourth game did well in sales. The sales numbers were actually one of the big reasons why the reboot even happened in the first place. So why did Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition do well? The obvious answer was that high chance with the turmoil, it did get more people to know the name of the franchise. I bet while not selling well, the reboot did get attention from outsiders. Then with the magic of the internet and being able to buy so much from online services and those HD ports of the first three games, people just had time to check this franchise out during the quiet times. Devil May Cry is getting more fans, so this fifth game could be big for the sales numbers.


This has always been Devil May Cry’s biggest issue in its history. The original game did well to make it into a franchise and while the first and second games did good in sales, the third game did the worst. The first game did the best in sales out of the first three, that is not a good sign. The fourth game actually did the best which is thanks to making that game for Microsoft’s consoles as well compared to the Sony only days. Still Capcom was not impressed by the numbers. Now we are back to the original feel of the series after the reboot game, if this game does well, there could be more demon hunters in the future.


Now for some personal reasons why I am saying that Devil May Cry 5 is important is because of the recent scene that action games are having right now. God of War for the Playstation 4 came out and while many people did like it, there were some people quite confused with it. I would be one of the confused ones because the combat was so poor compared to so many other action titles. Whenever someone would have this opinion the fans of the new God of War will tell those people that the game is being better regardless because of the focus on its story. I will be blunt about this, if a game is going to have action in it, have the action be good. I would rather play DmC before the new God of War because thanks to the newer version of the reboot it plays a whole lot better, sure that story is still awful, but I rather have a more action-packed adventure compared to a game where walking takes half of the game. Does Devil May Cry have exploration? Yes, this is because of its Resident Evil roots and exploring was still being done better than the straight line you mostly have in God of War.


I told you all I had some beef with this game

I feel like the action game genre is having a bit of trouble lately and of course the overall love for cinematic games. The thing is that there are many games I can call cinematic games but having that not be a problem. The Bayonetta series is proving that it can have amazing production values through its action and not just cut scenes. Bayonetta is quite the opposite in that factor too since the cut scenes can play like a slide show at times and still be enjoyable. There is also the fact that I feel an action game needs a skip function for the scenes. The problem with these games focusing on its walking and such, it feels that the cut scene effect takes too long even in-game play. Devil May Cry never had this trouble and while they do have their cut scenes, I can have more enjoyment with them. Games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry have a more simplistic fun with their cut scenes and there is nothing wrong with that. Hell, I can easily remember them more for the fun they shown me, like Devil May Cry 3’s opening scene.


Or when Dante rocks out!

Going back to these cinematic games, like God of War for example. I do fear that the movie styled games are going to cut down on the combat. God of War shows us this by adding things that are simply not needed. Walking, walking, and walking. Okay there are more problems like the whole camera view in that game and how it just gives Kratos a blinking indicator on his back on when an enemy is going to attack. While it was not a bad idea of why it is there, it creates a problem that makes reading foes easier. The previous God of War games did not have this problem and while I am not a big fan when the series quickly went into QTE hell, I can still say those games had better combat. I really have to call out on God of War’s combat when a PS2 game called God Hand has similarities to it and have a deeper combat system, maybe a bit too complicated, but I rather learn to play an action game. God of War never really shows this and the further you get in, it gets easier thanks to the new weapons you gain. The farther you get into God Hand you still need to set up your move list and while you have more to use, you need to know how they work together.


While God of War is better made, God Hand still comes off as better experience for me.

Bayonetta did make the whole process of learning combos easier and in return they made the enemies for aggressive. Bayonetta teaches you of to dodge to get big rewards and those games never have an indicator on her back. The experimentation is still around thanks to new weapons you can use. It gets around a problem that games like Kingdom Hearts has for me with how easy it is to use one button to win the game. Devil May Cry follows these ideas as well and thanks with a strict combo system that depending on a certain rank you have, you can actually start to damage some of the enemies. Metal Gear Rising teaches you to play offensively and still read the foe so that you can parry and get right back into your attacks. The Yakuza franchise has open combat and teaches you to store energy and use the environment around you. While action games can be hard to get into, I feel that is a massive appeal to them because when you master them, you can start to have more fun with the combat. Then thanks to multiple methods of mastering combat just keeps opening up possibilities of how you can play and learn. Action games needs to teach people the hard way at times and it’s fine to struggle in the beginning. A game like God of War does not have these factors which makes the combat too easy to learn and yet be a game that is slow to get through.


Overall, my biggest hope for a game like Devil May Cry 5 is that the mainstream audience can start to learn more about the good feelings of intense action. Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne do well with being known has hard action games. There is no reason why any action game should make itself easier with its mechanics. The only option is to give more possibilities to use and learn because with that method people can find their own ideas. Bayonetta did do well thanks to the sequel it rightly deserved and there is even Nier Automata that even tells a strong story along with rich and open combat. So far Devil May Cry 5 is showing off its flashy combat correctly thanks to many ideas and weapons to use for combos. All that is left to say is that my Devil Trigger has been pulled as I cannot wait to enjoy the rich combat that Devil May Cry has been known for, as I hope many others will learn as well.


Nero can ride on his own arm! Who needs Dad of War?!


East VS West: A Grasshopper’s Tale (Spoiler Alert for No More Heroes and Killer 7)

Well here we are again, talking about some Grasshopper titles. A big thing that I see with some Grasshopper titles would be the aspect of Eastern and Western cultures. By looking at even the beginning of this company’s path with The Silver Case, it is clear to see where the Western influences come from with the crime drama and David Lynch styled supernatural aspects. It is never strange to see Western influences in Japanese products, there are quite a few creators who have admitted to this before, like Hideo Kojima. If you ever then read an interview with Suda 51 or seen pictures of his office, you can see what he loves. I mean even through his games we can see his love for certain products like Batman and of course wrestling. I will easily give credit to a great person on Youtube I just found, GhenryPerez. He has recently started to have videos dig into Grasshopper games and I am always a fan of people doing this. I did know of Suda’s aspects of East versus West before with Killer7, but there is far much more than that. Ghenry’s video on No More Heroes really opened my eyes on how Suda does this way more than often.


So I guess I should just open up with what aspect of No More Heroes had the East versus West concept. I am happy to know that the duel of Travis vs Henry has more meaning now, but a bit disappointed that I did not notice it before. The duel with Travis and Henry showcases a match between a modern samurai and knight. The colors of these characters speak a lot with Travis’ red jacket (which he always has in the fight with Henry) representing samurai armor and Henry’s greyish and silver/greyish coat represents a knight’s armor. Then both of these warriors have their own code. The samurai has bushido and the knights have chivalry. Both are nearly the same in terms of keeping honor and in the end these are for warriors who murder others for that code. I will say samurai have that murder aspect a bit heavier since an honorable samurai will kill anyone for their lord, this is why the ronin were a thing. Knights had those ten commandments to follow and they really respected their land. In the end though people were slain with either bushido and chivalry. It is a nice method to show how similar we all are even with different cultures.


The whole idea of society is always an interesting concept to tackle and the one presented in No More Heroes is a particular one. Seeing Travis as a modern samurai says a lot. His society is full of violence and him not being the only assassin around proves that. Santa Destory is famous for assassins and even have shady businesses doing even more killing. Even with this crazy society Travis lives in he still represents the bushido code. Clearly Travis is courageous since he never did back away from a challenge, he is always ready for a fight. Travis holds his honor as a warrior in the same way since he aims for the top and on top of that would be honesty, Travis has continued fighting even when he knows the outcome has no true purpose, like he did with Jeane (“Vengeance begets vengeance”). Travis even holds respects for many he has killed and the words he spoke with Destroyman and Holly prove that, except for Helter Skelter… Travis held respect for his master even when he told him to get naked for training purposes and that could be a joke on a whole other thing with samurai. There was even the death of Bishop that made him go out for revenge. While rare, Travis did show mercy to people before, there was Shinobu, Holly, and Kimmy. Even with Henry, Travis knows their fated battle awaits so he will make sure to help his brother until that day. So while Travis may not believe in justice, he has a sense of honor in this modern madman society.

maxresdefault (2).jpg

There is even some other things to mention about Western representation in No More Heroes. No More Heroes 2 carried some interesting aspects with their characters. Probably the most obvious character is Charlie Macdonald who is a straight up football player with cheerleaders and everything. He is the perfect jock character and then he has a mech that looks like Gurren Lagann would sue over. Then when there is an Eastern flavored character it comes off as a Western view of it, which sounds extremely crazy since Suda is a Japanese man. The character Ryuji is a samurai archetype that has the imagery of the mighty dragon on his motorcycle, he even carries the silent samurai cliché. Then for his end, Travis wanted to do it honorably, but he just ends up getting gunned down showing how being a samurai in these times, is straight up insane, which fits Travis perfectly too and considering the original ending for No More Heroes was going to have him gunned down says something too.


I talked about the Silver Case in the introduction of this post and a game right after that really shows off some different cultures well in a softer way. The game Flower, Sun, and Rain is right after The Silver Case and the connections are clear. The visual novel and adventure game approach it has strikes some similarities. So with Flower, Sun, and Rain being right after the first Grasshopper game it does continue the Twin Peaks vibe that Silver Case has. The one thing that stands strong with FSR would be the soundtrack which is full of remixes of many famous tracks. We literally have a song titled Jean-Sebastian Bach! Other than that we have tracks called Rhapsody in Blue, The Entertainer, An American in Paris, Someone to Watch Over me, and so much more. The overall representation of the music for this game is insane how it goes to famous European classics to even a musical production. This really comes to show how much Suda knows about music and even No More Heroes 2 has a unique soundtrack that followed a similar tradition of having many different composers on board. Then speaking of music the obvious punk feel for something like No More Heroes does show off some music going with metal, rock, and punk (duh!).

maxresdefault (4).jpg

Do go and listen to the Flower, Sun, and Rain soundtrack, probably my third favorite one around.

Then we have Killer7, and the East versus West themes are big in this one. Suda knew this game would be his first worldwide release and so he decided to focus more on this aspect of different cultures. What originally was going to start as another Kill the Past game became more into a modern art piece for video games. While obscured with its story structure there is no way of not seeing Killer7 with some satire on cultures. The main characters are from the West and yet many levels have so much Japanese culture in them. One of the puzzles deals with the four gods of Shinto. The whole idea of how everyone is trying to keep peace alive in the world is a fantasy in itself. The story plot of how Japan and America have “fireworks” with each other is something to swallow for sure. Then we have a man with a Texas Broncos shirt talking about an idol being treated like an angel and then blowing up a concert dome. It is quite odd with an American setting talking about idol troubles. I bet there are music icons that are treated similarly to idol in the States.


There is just this overall clash of themes here. Killer7 even goes straight for a Super Sentai team as they exists in American comics books. Which could be a joke to how one of the Sentai teams, Battle Fever J was actually apart one of the Marvel universes. There is even the time Stan Lee wanted these Japanese superheroes over in the West. This even lead to a Japanese production of Spider-Man to be made. Then the beginning of these conflicts all started around the time George Washington was becoming the first president of America! This big conflict stemming from this is insane and it all deals with an assassin, a very common type of character Suda loves to use. It all started with Kamui from the Silver Case series and still stays around in No More Heroes and even to Killer is Dead (which has some soft tones of representing different cultures, Yakuza, Alice in Wonderland, giant monsters, the romance of locomotion, and the B-Film magic).


There is a lot to swallow in Killer7 and the execution being done by a Japanese man who loves Western media really comes to show. Killer7 was Suda’s first game that got out of Japan and Suda easily shown off his love and interest for Western media. There is literally nothing like it. Suda 51 always has a high interest in the West and even to this day that holds true. Suda got really interested in Indie gaming as of recently. One of his favorite series as of now is Hotline Miami. Grasshopper Manufacture started out as an independent company and remembered the hard times he had to deal with game programing. Suda is now bringing a more indie feel for his current title with a smaller team to work with and even having many companies collaborate with him. So while Suda has been gone out of his director’s chair, he did not lose his mindset. Suda has a love for Western media and loves video games. His creation process is original and mind bending. The Grasshopper’s tale of East versus West turns an interesting page with Travis Strikes Again.

maxresdefault (3)

Huge credit to Ghenry Phenz for the awesome depiction of Travis and Henry, go watch his videos.

David Cage: The Biggest Hack In Gaming

There has always been an interesting stigma in my mind which is to not be too offending to other opinions. I really do love to hear other thoughts and the biggest reason why I love to write and talk about entertainment is to get others to think more about what they are experiencing. If there is one subject that gets me riled up the most in the gaming community that would David Cage. My history with his works started around the time of Heavy Rain and how it made me more passive about gaming. I was legit worried that gaming was going to take this as a major route and while there are many cinematic games that came after it, it did not overwhelm the market as much as I was thinking in the past. It was soon later that a friend introduced me to Blazblue and the Persona series that soon reignited the gamer flame inside of me. Persona got me back into RPG’s and while that did not last too long, I still look forward to many of them. Blazblue being my first fighting game getting fully invested in and soon later got me to explore the genre all around. This even sparked an interest in action games since I already had a love for No More Heroes, I looked into the more complex action games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Still that little time with Heavy Rain was something, so what exactly did Heavy Rain do to me to even start killing the flame inside of me?


Well the biggest thing for me was that people were really sold on it. I know it is wrong to think that my thoughts and ideas are the only correct ones, but Heavy Rain and many other Cage games just rub me the wrong way. Starting to get interested in the movie magic, I loved knowing how movies were being made. So when seeing Heavy Rain it was like seeing a bad movie with questionable acting, poor camera control, and those stiff motions. While Quantic Dream can make pretty looking titles and that is it, they look pretty. Other than that, the character models do not move naturally compared to other games I have seen and since Heavy Rain is trying to do more movie material aspects, seeing those lanky motions just kills it. Along with that the overall screenplay for this is just horrible. People have already joked about Cage’s writing many times and it is no surprise on why people do. The characters make no sense and with how they move around just comes across aimless. Still to this day I ponder on what the hell Jason was doing in Heavy Rain before he got killed by that car. To many others though I was the wrong one and I was told that my old ways of thinking will not be getting anywhere and that hurt.

maxresdefault (1)

People can say that David Cage brings some strong writing into gaming and I cannot see that. This became even more apparent when I got through games like Persona 3 and 4 where there were moments that had me tearing up. Meanwhile with something like Heavy Rain I get a cheap laugh out of the whole thing. If you look at Cage’s first four games is there really anything strong being told here? Omikron was just an attempt of being a fully realized virtual reality gone wrong. In that game you just explore the area and try to understand how the hell anything works in it. Indigo Prophecy could have been an interesting supernatural crime drama (just play the Silver Case games to see that done right) if it was not for the confusing twists of aliens and magical kung-fu fights. Heavy Rain was could have been an interesting focus on depression and how one goes into dark places out of the their own control. What we got is a serial killer story with no real reason and too many characters that just muddle the plot. Beyond Two Souls is then the biggest train wreck of these four and many people did see that. The scattered story telling never helped to make anything interesting and it just made the story go all over the place. The main heroine Jodie has the most reckless love life ever and then William Dafoe’s character starts like a good father figure to a power crazed idiot all of a sudden. I thought Beyond hit so hard with its flaws that people would not bother with David Cage anymore, but I was wrong.


Detroit Become Human came out this year and I feel like this is the worst title David Cage has made yet. Omikron was an attempt of making a video game at least, even with its genre confusion. Indigo was a start to focus on narrative and the idea of characters you control being against each other is a nice one. Heavy Rain comes off as the least of the evils mostly because of the nonsense story and laughable moments from the nonsensical action. Then Heavy Rain was trying to do more with QTE’s than many have not tried before. Beyond Two Souls then had an attempt of doing a style of story telling that is hard to do. While previous games were failed attempts I can still find some unintentional fun in them. Detroit though is not only a muddled idea, it is even a boring one.


There have been games like Last of Us and the new God of War where there is too much walking and not enough action to pace it out. Detroit is so far the worst offender of this so far and still having those boring QTE prompts from Heavy Rain and the terrible controls from Beyond just makes it even worse. David Cage really had no idea what he was doing with this title too; as it just started as a short film that just got enlarged into a full story. Cage clearly went for some slavery and oppression imagery to go along his robot story which is fine, but do it right! Nothing fits with the nonsense of Detroit, sure the idea of simulated emotions coming from a glitch in androids could have been a good concept, but Detroit does not focus on that. It simply focuses on androids trying to become free. There are three stories and all of them get ruined by something, and I do mean all of them!


I got some choice words for this game.

Markus becomes independent and bands androids with him to set them free. The problem is that he does this by simply touching androids and I guess he spreads the glitch, which is that really free will. Markus never even asks them if they want to join his group, it just happens. Also you have Markus possibly having quotes from Martin Luther King and even doing the famous walk. The biggest problem that Markus’ story comes from is an ideal that was developed by white slave owners. Slave owners believed that African-Americans were literally born to be slaves by using pseudo science. The difference with the slaves and androids, one group are actual people and the others were built. The androids were built to be slaves so in actuality this just proves the pseudo science and at the same time this story is trying to promote freedom with phrases and imagery of becoming free. It also does not help that Markus never gets a human ally, I guess his owner was close, but he does not get too involved and just dies early into the story. The oppressed got to be free because there were people who helped them and those people were simply people with power that felt like change was needed.


Kara is an android that has been abused to the point of becoming broken. She is repaired and starts to do her usual tasks. Kara begins to witness that the small girl Alice is being beaten by her Saturday drug PSA father. This father character easily takes the cake for one of Cage’s worst characters ever. He is just on drugs and that is it! Everything else just makes no sense with this man, he says he hates robots and yet has not only one, but two! Sure one can just say he is crazy because of the drugs, but that is just lazy story telling. Either way, Kara soon breaks free of her programing and takes Alice away as the two look to be together somewhere else, like Canada. For some reason Canada has no problem with androids, even though a border guard’s decision is affected the people’s view on android, a Canadian guard to be accurate! There are even border guards that openly shoot at androids, if they really have no issue with androids, they certainly have some wicked humor. The major problem with Kara’s story is that she starts to be a mother for this little girl and she turns up to be an android as well. Like why did this had to happen? Again why did the father have two androids? He became in debt because of them and blames them for ruining his life. Then why does it matter if Alice was an android or not, Kara cares for Alice regardless so why have this twist, it has no purpose.

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Then there is Connor who I will say his actor was extremely good. Along with that he even gets a partner character by the name of Hank and these two steal Detroit. The story literally could have been just these two and focus on android crime stories. Connor and Hank had stellar actors and its funny that these two actually improvised most of their lines, take that Cage. Still there are many glaring issues with this story and the biggest one for sure rests in here. First off there is Hank who is a man who hates androids and we find out that an android killed his son. Okay that is a perfectly good reason for hating androids, so why does Hank get mad at Connor for killing androids who are clearly killing people? Oh wait, Hank’s son was killed by a human being the whole time, then why hate androids?! That nonsense is bad enough and in the end Hank is on Connor’s side regardless, so even more pointless twists. The biggest problem lies with an ending Connor can have when he becomes leader of the deviant androids.


Connor’s task was to take out deviants, simple enough, but in one ending he was being used to be the leader of deviants on purpose. So that means all the other deviant androids like Markus and North are useless to the story! If Connor just becomes the leader for some reason this goes according to plan. Then why did the creators for Connor even try to stop other deviants in the first place? What makes Connor so special when you have Markus who can make deviants just by pointing at them, like seriously explain that! Either way with deviant androids, this company can control a new race of beings in this world and remember when I talked about that pseudo science thing before? Well this just brings it back because the androids being deviants is just a trick and hence they are still not free beings. I know it is only one ending, but my goodness why was this here? It literally ruins the whole entire story and just destroys the message this was trying to aim for. How can people call this good writing?


This really starts to make me mad because there have been many games with only text at best doing better stories. The Zero Escape series simply started out on the original DS and that story is complex. 999 dives deeps into some real philosophy and many famous theories that people experimented with. All at the same time being a completely engaging puzzle game where even story details are important to the overall escape. I mentioned about Persona 3 and 4 and those two games had the Social Link system where you interact with people and not only do you help them in their troubles you gain not only more traits of becoming a better person, but even more badass summons. Cage has been out done many times by other titles and even one last year already out did his story about androids.


Literally the Zero Escape series comes off as the best visual novels ever!

That game is Nier Automata, what I say is the best game of 2017. It is a story about androids and it does ten times better than what Detroit tried to do. Nier Automata is fully engaging along with some rich combat experiences. The excitement of Automata can quickly turn into anger and depression. The emotional roller coaster was real with Nier before, but Automata made that even better. The best part about Automata’s story was that the androids were already experiencing emotions and for a good reason. Through their military like system though they are prohibited from showing these emotions, even though many end up not doing so. It makes these characters already engaging and thanks to the awesome combat you feel you are part of them in the action. So real game play does not mean you have to cut story content, so Cage has no excuse for not trying to have actual game play.


For the final thing to talk about Cage as a whole is how awful he is. Not only does has he been accused of overworking and sexual harassing workers, there is a real story of when he made a nude model of Ellen Paige’s character in Beyond Two Souls without her permission. With his first two games he did have game overs in them, but for some reason he makes this nonsense up about how “game overs are the failure of the game designer,” BULLSHIT! One of the biggest elements of learning from a video game is by losing at certain points, this is why lives are a thing. You can lose one and then continue on with new knowledge, the Megaman series has been the best with that. It even creates a problem with many of his titles where you technically win no matter what. Sure people can focus on the moral code for all of these endings, but in the end you beat the game no matter what you do. There has even been a recent development where the actor for Connor loved the line where the android shown his love for dogs and Cage was not happy about hearing that. Wouldn’t a writer simply be happy that one of his actors is happy to be saying his lines? Why does it matter if their favorite was not yours? So not only does this guy have had issues with people he personally works with he even insults other game developers.


David Cage is the biggest hack I have ever seen in gaming and possibly in entertainment in general. He found a way where he can live out his reality of being a movie man without being in the movie business. High chance the real movie people laughed him away. Again if you are one of the people who love his writing and stories, good for you. If you hate my guts for what I am saying, good for you as well. The biggest reason why I am writing is to get people more engaged into thinking more and if I have to stimulate some anger into you people to do that, so be it. David Cage is one of the few subjects where I truly get cynical because of my history with his titles. They are nothing, but rivals to The Room if they were actual movies. For as much I can laugh at a David Cage game, he just needs to stop.


Then for a little shout out, go watch Mother’s Basement’s video on Detroit. Not only did his video got me to open up my anger with David Cage, his many thoughts about this game I truly agree with. Along with that he got to show me that one can be a bit cruel to certain pieces of entertainment and possibly even the fans of that. Just because I am being cynical towards opinions, it does not mean I will think less of them. It simply means I want others to think more about these things. I am not saying I am here to prove those fans wrong, it is simply having debates to help ourselves open our minds. It’s just there are times you have to bruise your hands to do so. PS: Just play Nier Automata for not only an engaging story, but again for some of the best action possible in video games (this is a jab at Detroit and the new God of War).



DEVIL MAY CRY 5! We Meet Again!


Well we all know how much I love the action game genre of recent years. I have done a list of my favorite 3D action games on the old blog and three Devil May Cry games were on that list. Devil May Cry is the action game that started it all in terms of the insane combat. The original game came from a Resident Evil 4 prototype and the sequel was disappointing, but then came Devil May Cry 3! The third game did so much for the genre and then we even got to have a fourth game which again did a lot for the genre. Literally Bayonetta comes from the creation of Devil May Cry 4. Then we did get a detour with DmC a reboot of the franchise that led nowhere. DmC and DMC4 did get new versions and the original series did far better in terms of sales. This game originally came out in 2008 and only had a special version made for it, so it has been ten years since a proper sequel. Well the time has come and so have I, DEVIL MAY CRY 5!

devil may cry 5

I am actually surprised how many people thought this was going to be a DmC 2. People literally thought Nero was the reboot Dante which I like to call Donte. I never got those vibes at all from this trailer, this was the original Devil May Cry. Nero’s new design did take me for a shock at first, but hearing that voice made it clear who it was. I thought it might have been that new characters that was rumored long ago. Seeing Nero having the main character role again is awesome since many people were quite split on him before. I feel like this will cement him in with the fans. I always liked Nero, sure not has much as Dante or Vergil, but his style was nice. The Devil Bringer that can grab foes in many different ways was too much fun to drop. So we got Nero back well almost all of him, he’s got a new hand to show off.


Nero still has his lovely gun, the Blue Rose and the amazing sword, the Red Queen. I so love how much impact that gun has and the revving of the sword is orgasmic to hear. Nero still even does his usual grapples, but as mentioned before he has a new hand this time around. Someone cut off Nero’s Devil Bringer and now with a new ally named Kat Nero has been equipped with a robotic hand that holds many new skills for this demon hunter. Skills including an electric shockwave that pushes foes away from him, a grapple that pierces through enemies and drags them towards him, rocket punch, emitting a time stopping orb that traps foes, boost himself with it, and even ride on it! Nero gotten much flashier compared to his previous appearance which I am happy with. Then there could even be new hands for Nero to have judging by the trailer. If we can switch hands around like we did with previous weapons in these games, that would be fun.


At the end of the trailer we got to see the glorious Dante return as well. First off, Dante has aged or his trip from Hell just left him a bit more ruffed. I mean we still hear him scream at the top of the lungs like he is going to have a blast, so its Dante through and through. It’s funny to guess if Dante is much older or not because he always has white hair, so him with facial hair could mean nothing in terms of his age. Still in regards to Dante being back we also got a mysterious third character on the title art. Based on a leak that seems to be accurate now, this character is referred to as the Mysterious V and can summon demonic body guards. If that “V” is telling me anything I am thinking of Vergil. If you also look closely in the trailer you can see the man who cuts off Nero’s arm has the same cuffs as Vergil, so could Vergil be alive and ready to fight again? If so that means the three playable characters for this game will be Dante, Nero, and Vergil all three sons of Sparda!


This game is running on the RE engine which was used for Resident Evil 7 and many are complaining that as of right now the game looks bleak. While in comparison to previous games I can agree, but overall the game still has many bright location shots and even in the darkness there is plenty of light. Personally I have many hopes that the RE engine will work wonders on this game and seeing the game as of now, it is clearly running at sixty frames per second. Resident Evil 7 was not an intense action game like Devil May Cry, but then again Devil May Cry came from a prototype Resident Evil 4, so I think things will work out. The new music sounds awesome with adding a techno mix to the overall feeling. While being upbeat it still has the rock and angelic tones of Devil May Cry music.


Overall, I am so excited to see the greatest demon hunters back! Dante and Vergil have been some of my favorite characters for a long time and I hope Nero can join those ranks too. Nero’s new hand is really going to open up the already fun fighting style he has. Then seeing the great Dante return is never something to be mad about. It has been ten years since Devil May Cry 4 and my introduction to the series. Now we get the real deal back and I cannot wait to see how this game will melt my face off.

Also watch this video, it perfectly shows the journey of waiting for this!


I’m not crying… you are!

Super Smash Bros Switch: Who Will Be In?

E3 in nearly around the corner and we all know the big amount of excitement for the new upcoming Smash Bros title. It is slated for this year and it was announced not that long ago. There is even going to be a playable build of this game during E3 which sounds crazy knowing Smash 4’s development cycle. It is good news to see how this game was shortly announced and will be released shortly after. Still what exactly is going to happen with this game. So far the biggest rumor is from a source that got things right before with fighting games, like TMNT in Injustice and Groh in Soulcalibur. It is really the biggest reason why this post is being made because one aspect of this rumor is really sketchy. The rumor is that there will be no cut characters from the Smash 4 roster. Cuts have always been a thing for any fighting game, Melee to Brawl and onto Smash 4 show that this stays true. Hell originally Melee was going to have Ness cut out for Lucas. So hearing that Smash 4’s roster will stay intact and will have more added on sounds crazy. The roster is already at fifty-eight characters. Will Smash Bros for the Switch have a bigger roster? The obvious answer is yes, but there is no way all the characters are coming back. Smash Bros shows off where Nintendo is at and again new things keep happening for this company. Now with the recent third-party characters, Smash Bros is not only showing off history, but also the current gaming standards as well. So what will Smash Switch have specifically?

Super Mario


Each section will be focusing on a certain franchise and will look at the characters this franchise has in the roster. The reason why Super Mario is used to introduce this idea is because not much will be changed at all. Its Mario! This is not only Nintendo’s biggest icon, but video games in general. Even when new characters are introduced in the Mario franchise, they are remembered well. So Mario has seven characters in total. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and Rosalina will stay around. Bowser Jr is a maybe because while he was a unique character with so many costumes, to me it was to bank on the eight player Smash mode which will be coming back for the new game, but since it is not the new thing this could be bad news for Bowser Jr. Also then there is Dr. Mario which he was an easy one to put in the game and while having differences to Mario, he was still a basic alteration. High chance a character like Dr. Mario will be cut, unless they do just update him like crazy, which can be possible I bet. Now will Mario have any new characters? Captain Toad has been pushed as of now so it could be a chance for a Toad in general to get a shot, but for the most part I feel like Mario will have one or two cuts and that will be it. Also while Yoshi is his own franchise, there will be no new character to add-on for that so lets just skip that franchise.



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Yes, Wario is considered his own franchise as well for the Smash roster. He has his own logo and with games like Wario Land and WarioWare, there is a chance that Wario is not going to be alone this time around. An obvious topic to talk about is Waluigi while he never appeared in a Wario game, for some reason the character is a Wario character which makes sense since he is the “Wa” of Luigi. So if Waluigi does get added, he will count for the Wario franchise. Overall, Wario should get a second character and while Waluigi is getting tons of support there are still other options. Captain Syrup from the Wario Land series and then the many fan favorites of WarioWare. With many to pick from WarioWare, this does give Syrup a low chance. Three characters that make the most sense for a Smash Bros fighter would be Ashely, Jimmy T, and Mona. Even though Ashley is not an original, she has appeared as an assist trophy before the others and her song has been remembered for sure. Jimmy and Mona are two originals that people love and Jimmy with his dancing and Mona with her many different costumes and skills make a strong move set potential. Overall, this game could get more balancing for other franchises and Wario needs a buddy to help him out.


Donkey Kong


Speaking of balancing franchises, the big DK has been in crazy need of a new character. Donkey Kong was alone until Brawl and even then he only got Diddy alongside him. Now there is proof that Dixie Kong was in Brawl’s programing at some point in development, so Dixie has a high chance. K.Rool the famous Donkey Kong Country villain has been getting recent support thanks to the Smash Ballot for the last game. Personally, having a new villian will be a nice addition compared to another hero character and K.Rool was before Dixie still. Sure K.Rool has been absent for a long time, but Smash has brought back many characters without current appearances before. There are other options in the DK franchise like Cranky and Funky Kong with the recent Tropical Freeze attention. Those two are really slim chances though and could just appear in a stage or assist trophy status. Overall, Dixie and K.Rool seems like the best choices and with the push the villian had from fans, he is the best choice as of now.


Legend of Zelda


Funny enough Zelda had no changes from Brawl to Smash 4, The only change is that Shiek got to be her own character, but many already considered Zelda and Shiek too different to begin with. With Link getting his Breath of the Wild makeover there could be some changes to the Zelda franchise. With Brawl and Smash 4 we kept strong with the Twilight Princess vibes. Now with Link breaking that, could Zelda and Ganondorf follow this? Shiek and Toon Link are different Zelda games, but the other two are interesting to think about. Personally, I think those two will stay the same in what they represent, unless they add Midna to the roster which would be nice. Midna could even have Wolf Link with her so technically we still have Twilight Princess Link. There is even the possible option to have Impa and which version is a question as well. Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, and Hyrule Warriors carry some interesting possibilities to get some characters. For Zelda the chances are with Ocarina and Twilight since she shown potential for fighting in both those games. Ganondorf has Ocarina, Twilight, and Hyrule Warriors, either way we need to give Ganondorf a new set of moves. In my opinion if they go with Minda, we will have Ocarina’s Zelda and Warrior’s Ganondorf. If they go with Impa, Zelda will still be Ocarina and Ganondorf will be kept with Twilight. Hell who knows they could just throw in the Champions from Breath of the Wild. Zelda has the highest chances for a lot of change which sounds like a big step.




Metroid has two character slots and both are Samus… This needs to be changed. There is really only one option that makes the most sense and that would be Ridley. Does Sakurai have many opinions about Ridley, yes. Still he has broken his rules before and its time to kill the Ridley curse. Other than that are there any other possible characters? Many other characters in the Metroid verse are well ignored and forgotten. There are many other hunters from the DS title and we even had those mech-like men in the 3DS title. There is Mother Brain, but again that is a crazy idea to make her into a playable character. Lets just get Ridley in a call it a day.


Kid Icarus


It is surprising that Pit from Brawl got to have two other characters on his side. Dark Pit is likely to be cut for the same reasons for Dr. Mario and Palutena has a high chance of staying around. Sure Palutena was mostly used to promote the custom moves and it is questionable if that will stick around. Even if custom moves leave, Palutena has a high move set possibility and her default one can be changed big time. I loved playing her in Smash 4 with her defensive strategy and that can stay while giving her better moves. The standard special is not good in many ways and her basic teleport is just Zelda’s without that awesome potential to give damage with it. Her reflect move and basic standard melee attacks should stay though. The standard special should be that contained explosion and the upwards special should be the blast off move. Now will there be a character to take Dark Pit’s slot? Looking at how Kid Icarus has been doing, the chances are mostly on the side for no, but there are chances that say yes. Hades or Medusa seems to be the likely options for their presence in the franchise. Many probably will not go to crazy about a new character for this franchise, but it would not be hated at the same time.


Fire Emblem


Man did Fire Emblem get a bit much in Smash 4. There are even Fire Emblem fans that felt like that there was too much. A bit of that problem is that half of those characters are from the newer titles; Robin, Lucina, and Corrin. Roy being back was nice for the Melee fans then. Still there needs to be a reduction for this IP. The choices should be narrowed down to four which is not that crazy since six minus two is four. The loss of two characters is not that much. Now who should the ones to stay? The two obvious picks would be Marth and Ike. Then that third choice should be given to Robin since he/she got to show off the revival of the franchise and for once magic is used for a Fire Emblem character! Now that fourth slot if a tricky pick. As mentioned before on this blog, it should be for a new character and by new, that means it should be given to a true fan favorite. Lyn has been climbing the ranks lately and she is the best choice and easily a better pick compared to the other three. Sure is she another sword user, yes, but her class change appearance can have bows which is not hard to implement. Lyn also has a quick sword style which is different compared to Marth and Ike. Lucina can still stay if they just revert her back to the costume she was originally supposed to be. Corrin and Roy do not need to come back. Fire Emblem Fates did alright and Roy is only for Melee fans.

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Kirby for the most part feels perfectly fine where it is at. We got the main character, the helpful rival, and the powerful king. The roster has the three most notable Kirby characters so is there any need for another? If there was a slot open who would eve take that slot? There is the recent love for Bandana Dee and Smash Flash did show off how that can work. On an extremely old list made on the old blog there was Prince Fluff which still feels right or at least a stage for Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but I guess the Yoshi Wolly World stage took that chance. Marx did get a recent push with Star Allies and even many other Kirby characters thanks to that game, but will their popularity really get pushed just from being an ally character? Marx is not the only one too, there are the animal friends which have made more appearances than some think. So actually when going through the thoughts, the three animal friends have a shot and they already worked as one character in Star Allies, so its possible. The more thoughts that came up the more it seems likely that Kirby can get another character, but it is not the most needed thing for the roster.


Star Fox


Star Fox did have three characters when it was Brawl, but for some strange reason Wolf was still completely cut from the roster. The excuse of Fox having some of his moves for custom does not apply since Ness and some of Lucas’ moves for his customs. A close friend of mine loved playing as Wolf and to be honest while not a complete villain, he is still a strong rival for Fox. He also could work for villains if they paid well enough. There are people who still want to push for Krystal and I can see how that can work, implement some of her staff play with the insane weaponry of Star Fox Assault. Still does Star Fox deserve four characters? Star Fox with Fox, Falco, and Wolf feels just right like how Kirby has three characters. Sure the chances are there and yet in terms of representing Star Fox the three from Brawl do that well enough. Could Wolf have some revamped move set compared to Brawl, probably. Hell I would be up for Falco to have some change too, like give him some of the weaponry of later titles and give him an Arwing for a Final Smash! So far the more likely thing to happen with the Star Fox roster would be that Wolf comes back and high chance many will be happy with that, returning veterans always get people happy.




Pokemon is always the trickiest roster to predict. There are so many Pokemon out there and people will always throw in their favorites or other starters. One thing to take note here is that the generation representation is a bit odd. There are four generation one Pokemon which fine having that be the majority makes sense, Pikachu and Jigglypuff were originals, and Mewtwo almost made it in the original game too. Pokemon Trainer was in Brawl and he has three generation Pokemon with only one of them coming back. So the generation one representation is a bit out of control. Personally a balance of generations would be nicer to fans. Sure it could remove a favorite or two, but Smash Bros represents their franchises the best they can. Also Jigglypuff has been getting the worst treatment since Brawl and Smash 4 so could it be time to cut an original character out? Jigglypuff never got any patch work in the entirety of Smash 4, that is quite insane when people still call the Puff the worst character of Smash 4 for a long time. Tons of people have been throwing the name Decidueye around which makes sense, Greninjia got on the roster before anyone could say which starter was the best for X and Y. So in terms of Pokemon staying, the options would most likely be, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Lucario, and Greninja. Jigglypuff and Charizard are the risky ones here. Sure replacing Mewtwo and Jigglypuff in these spots would make sense too. Overall the chance of getting two new Pokemon characters is not that crazy if they filter out some other characters. Blaziken can finally get some generation three love in and replace Charizard for the fire starter and then Decidueye can just take a spot and show off the new fan favorite for the current generation. Pokemon is a tricky beast to tackle because of the history it has and the majority of creatures to pick, but its time to make some big changes for it. Well those new Pokemon titles were just announced while typing this and my hopes are dashed. This generation one only crap is staying at full throttle. Got to question if there really will be any new Pokemon in the roster.


Mother (Earthbound)


Until the third game it was just Ness and it could have been just Lucas since he almost took Ness’ spot in Melee. In the end with Brawl and Smash 4 we kept both boys around. Now are there any other characters from this franchise that could be used? Ninten finally got to the rest of the world, but can the game really invent another move set for another boy? Sure there are many spells to use and yet I think having another main character would not sit well. Porky has been thrown lightly around and I can see it happen if they tone down the size of his mech and imagine a Final Smash with him summoning Gigyas. The Masked Man is another option and if Nintendo wants to finally get Mother 3 out, a magic user with some sword work is possible since Robin shows that off. Still would these characters resonate well with fans? Porky is known well because of being in Mother 2 and his boss appearance in Brawl. Masked Man is a bit more obscure though. High chance we will just keep the two boys which is fine.




Shulk is my favorite character to use in Smash 4. For me personally it would be awesome if he got to stay. The use of buffs are so well implemented and all that I would change are his in-air moves. The chance that he could get replaced is possible though. Many people have been tossing the idea that Rex and Pyra can take Shulk’s slot, but I think Xenoblade can have some sort of Fire Emblem stuff going on. Shulk can stay and still bring in a new character. The Xenoblade Chronicles X characters did not get crazy love from the fans even though I am a bigger fan of Elma than both Rex and Pyra. These two though have a unique way of fighting and two in one is not impossible for Smash. If Rex goes that is a stock, but if Pyra goes first Rex loses tons of elemental properties from his attacks and even some power. They could even make any possible meteor smash completely weak when Rex is without Pyra. The Xenoblade Chronicles X characters come with heavy weaponry so its easy to make a move set for Elma too. Again Rex and Pyra just have more room for a more unique move set, but they should not replace Shulk, especially when the logo for Xenoblade in Smash is the Monado.

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One-Shot Franchises


This slot is for characters that only have one character and the ones that will possibly just be cut or alone forever. Personally there is one that has a chance to get a new character and that is F-Zero. Again if they want to change Ganondorf’s move set just give his old one to Black Shadow. It would make sense and keep a style of play that people grown to love. R.O.B and Game&Watch are going to stay they have strong history with the company and I was surprised the robot made it back in Smash 4 so high chance it will stick around. Wii Fit Trainer and Duck Hunt are questionable, but Duck Hunt stay has a higher chance than Wii Fit. Olimar will just be Olimar with the Alph costume, they could expand more upon this and just make more characters with the costumes. Little Mac needs to stay, his style of play was surprisingly simple, but such a big change compared to other characters. Then the Miis could be gone actually since the Switch does not really have those avatar characters and Miitomo actually went down on mobile platforms. With the Miis being gone this could mean the custom moves in general could be removed as well. The Villager does a great job representing Animal Crossing by itself, but throwing in KK Slider or Tom Nook would be funny to see. Could there be more one shots added in then? Takamaru was on the top ten newcomer list for the upcoming game on this blog and a character like Sable Prince, Lip, Saki, Chibi-Robo, and Isaac (Golden Sun) have chances too. Finally, Ice Climbers are coming back, there is no doubt at all with that. The only reason they were not in 4 was because of the 3DS version being unable to run them and yet they still had data in it. Sakurai loves those two little climbers, so he is going to push to put them back in.

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Third Party Characters


The third-party characters got insane for Smash 4. Megaman and Pac-Man were much-needed for the game where Mario and Sonic can fight each other. Then we got Ryu, Cloud, and Bayonetta! Bayonetta seems like she will stay since the relationship with her IP and Nintendo is still strong to this day. Really happy that Bayonetta will be here to stay. For Capcom, Megaman will stick around for sure while Ryu is questionable. Now could Capcom replace Ryu with anyone else? There is a low chance of that because other than Megaman and Ryu who is more notable or equally as notable as them? Zero from the X series is a dream, but saying that he is equally iconic as Classic Megaman and Ryu is more of a pipe dream than anything else. Sonic… is there much really needed to say about Sonic, he’s staying. Maybe Sonic can get an ally with him like Tails, the old Melee joke still haunts gamers to this day. Sqaurenix got to join in on the fun with Cloud and while not a crazy FF7 fan, he should stay, unless we get Geno from them. Personally, other than that Cloud should stay before Sqaure puts even worse characters in, like Sora, like literally the hell with this kid! If Cloud could be replaced with another Final Fantasy character, a look into the times before FF7 would be nice, but Sqaure has their head up their asses so it could even get worse than Sora in terms of that. Overall, Sqaure still has FF7 in their heads and will be for the upcoming five years, Cloud is here to stay.


For new third-party characters, Travis Touchdown is up there for a man like myself. The rumors of Simon Belmont are in the air and Konami does own Bomberman as well and seeing how Bomberman actually gets a console game compared to mobile… the chances could be a bit higher. If Megaman can get a spark back into the market because his Smash appearance, the same could work with Castlevannia. The whole indie scene is crazy right now and the top two that come to mind would be Shante and Shovel Knight. Commander Video got a trophy before any other indie character and the Super Meat Boy team has been pushing their character. Cave Story really went through an amazing development history and is still loved to this day. Isaac from Binding of Isaac even has a chance. Solid Snake got into Smash and not Playstation All Stars so let’s make the PS All Star roster look even worse by adding Crash or Spyro in, Crash has higher chances because he was made to be a rival to Mario and Sonic, so let’s have that rivalry come to life. Everyone went crazy about that fake Rayman leak, so could that have given him some higher chances? Those Rabbids got to hang with Mario before him, so lets push that to redeem that mistake. Microsoft has even been open about Banjo Kazooie possibly being in the big game. In the end though… Travis Touchdown or bust baby!


Well that was crazy to get through. The roster process is easily one of the hardest things to ponder with any fighting game. Smash Bros in general has to deal with actual IP’s and existing characters. There is a lot of stress to deal with that and juggle around who gets in and who does not. Again the idea of keeping all previous characters from Smash 4 and add on to it sounds impossible. If it is done it would be shocking and hopefully it does not kill the chances for other characters just because of keeping that large roster intact.