DEVIL MAY CRY 5! We Meet Again!


Well we all know how much I love the action game genre of recent years. I have done a list of my favorite 3D action games on the old blog and three Devil May Cry games were on that list. Devil May Cry is the action game that started it all in terms of the insane combat. The original game came from a Resident Evil 4 prototype and the sequel was disappointing, but then came Devil May Cry 3! The third game did so much for the genre and then we even got to have a fourth game which again did a lot for the genre. Literally Bayonetta comes from the creation of Devil May Cry 4. Then we did get a detour with DmC a reboot of the franchise that led nowhere. DmC and DMC4 did get new versions and the original series did far better in terms of sales. This game originally came out in 2008 and only had a special version made for it, so it has been ten years since a proper sequel. Well the time has come and so have I, DEVIL MAY CRY 5!

devil may cry 5

I am actually surprised how many people thought this was going to be a DmC 2. People literally thought Nero was the reboot Dante which I like to call Donte. I never got those vibes at all from this trailer, this was the original Devil May Cry. Nero’s new design did take me for a shock at first, but hearing that voice made it clear who it was. I thought it might have been that new characters that was rumored long ago. Seeing Nero having the main character role again is awesome since many people were quite split on him before. I feel like this will cement him in with the fans. I always liked Nero, sure not has much as Dante or Vergil, but his style was nice. The Devil Bringer that can grab foes in many different ways was too much fun to drop. So we got Nero back well almost all of him, he’s got a new hand to show off.


Nero still has his lovely gun, the Blue Rose and the amazing sword, the Red Queen. I so love how much impact that gun has and the revving of the sword is orgasmic to hear. Nero still even does his usual grapples, but as mentioned before he has a new hand this time around. Someone cut off Nero’s Devil Bringer and now with a new ally named Kat Nero has been equipped with a robotic hand that holds many new skills for this demon hunter. Skills including an electric shockwave that pushes foes away from him, a grapple that pierces through enemies and drags them towards him, rocket punch, emitting a time stopping orb that traps foes, boost himself with it, and even ride on it! Nero gotten much flashier compared to his previous appearance which I am happy with. Then there could even be new hands for Nero to have judging by the trailer. If we can switch hands around like we did with previous weapons in these games, that would be fun.


At the end of the trailer we got to see the glorious Dante return as well. First off, Dante has aged or his trip from Hell just left him a bit more ruffed. I mean we still hear him scream at the top of the lungs like he is going to have a blast, so its Dante through and through. It’s funny to guess if Dante is much older or not because he always has white hair, so him with facial hair could mean nothing in terms of his age. Still in regards to Dante being back we also got a mysterious third character on the title art. Based on a leak that seems to be accurate now, this character is referred to as the Mysterious V and can summon demonic body guards. If that “V” is telling me anything I am thinking of Vergil. If you also look closely in the trailer you can see the man who cuts off Nero’s arm has the same cuffs as Vergil, so could Vergil be alive and ready to fight again? If so that means the three playable characters for this game will be Dante, Nero, and Vergil all three sons of Sparda!


This game is running on the RE engine which was used for Resident Evil 7 and many are complaining that as of right now the game looks bleak. While in comparison to previous games I can agree, but overall the game still has many bright location shots and even in the darkness there is plenty of light. Personally I have many hopes that the RE engine will work wonders on this game and seeing the game as of now, it is clearly running at sixty frames per second. Resident Evil 7 was not an intense action game like Devil May Cry, but then again Devil May Cry came from a prototype Resident Evil 4, so I think things will work out. The new music sounds awesome with adding a techno mix to the overall feeling. While being upbeat it still has the rock and angelic tones of Devil May Cry music.


Overall, I am so excited to see the greatest demon hunters back! Dante and Vergil have been some of my favorite characters for a long time and I hope Nero can join those ranks too. Nero’s new hand is really going to open up the already fun fighting style he has. Then seeing the great Dante return is never something to be mad about. It has been ten years since Devil May Cry 4 and my introduction to the series. Now we get the real deal back and I cannot wait to see how this game will melt my face off.

Also watch this video, it perfectly shows the journey of waiting for this!


I’m not crying… you are!


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