The Importance of Devil May Cry 5

Now that I have time to actually be calm about Devil May Cry 5 (I am so lying right now; the excitement levels are still at the top). I think talking about this title’s importance is needed. When I started with the series was with the fourth installment. I have known about the series, but the PS3 was my first Sony console and I always seen tons of Dante thanks to Devil May Cry 3 videos on the internet. I even watched the animated series which some people like to get mad about that product, but I am simply okay with it. Either way the most obvious point to mention is that it has been ten years since we got numerical sequel for this franchise. There was the reboot game which we shall get to at some point in this post. Lately Capcom seems like it is bringing back their old golden standard, I mean not only is there Devil May Cry we also got Megaman and more to standard Resident Evil game. Overall though, this fifth title is going to be extremely important to the market as the Devil May Cry name has only been getting stronger over time.


So with the mention of DmC: Devil May Cry, the reboot title developed by Ninja Theory there is no doubt it damaged the franchise a bit. Whether you like the game or not, it cannot be ignored that the issues with DmC did cause some conflicts. Capcom simply wanted a Western take on the franchise which soon got a bit out of hand thanks to the development team. Ninja Theory did listen to Capcom about what they wanted for this title, but then how they reacted to the initial spark of insanity is made everything go crazy. Ninja Theory calling out fans which soon lead to articles saying that fans were being dumb and a disappointment to the franchise itself. Also, the whole fact that the company compared the female characters of the franchise to prostitutes, classy. So, with the madness that began from a teaser trailer is quite silly. When the company is then starting to throw insults, the anger is easier to understand.  Now when the game did first come out, yea there were issues to the game itself. Later on, though they did make a new version of the game and fixed many of those problems, including some cut scenes. Either way though, DmC was a bit too damaged to be saved and while the fourth game got a special edition, it still took some time for number five.


Capcom clearly did not forget about the franchise since Dante still had his fighting game appearances, but at this point he was up there with Darkstalker characters with the fact that they will just be in the fighting games. High chance the interest came back up though even before Marvel VS Capcom Infinite when the special edition of the fourth game did well in sales. The sales numbers were actually one of the big reasons why the reboot even happened in the first place. So why did Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition do well? The obvious answer was that high chance with the turmoil, it did get more people to know the name of the franchise. I bet while not selling well, the reboot did get attention from outsiders. Then with the magic of the internet and being able to buy so much from online services and those HD ports of the first three games, people just had time to check this franchise out during the quiet times. Devil May Cry is getting more fans, so this fifth game could be big for the sales numbers.


This has always been Devil May Cry’s biggest issue in its history. The original game did well to make it into a franchise and while the first and second games did good in sales, the third game did the worst. The first game did the best in sales out of the first three, that is not a good sign. The fourth game actually did the best which is thanks to making that game for Microsoft’s consoles as well compared to the Sony only days. Still Capcom was not impressed by the numbers. Now we are back to the original feel of the series after the reboot game, if this game does well, there could be more demon hunters in the future.


Now for some personal reasons why I am saying that Devil May Cry 5 is important is because of the recent scene that action games are having right now. God of War for the Playstation 4 came out and while many people did like it, there were some people quite confused with it. I would be one of the confused ones because the combat was so poor compared to so many other action titles. Whenever someone would have this opinion the fans of the new God of War will tell those people that the game is being better regardless because of the focus on its story. I will be blunt about this, if a game is going to have action in it, have the action be good. I would rather play DmC before the new God of War because thanks to the newer version of the reboot it plays a whole lot better, sure that story is still awful, but I rather have a more action-packed adventure compared to a game where walking takes half of the game. Does Devil May Cry have exploration? Yes, this is because of its Resident Evil roots and exploring was still being done better than the straight line you mostly have in God of War.


I told you all I had some beef with this game

I feel like the action game genre is having a bit of trouble lately and of course the overall love for cinematic games. The thing is that there are many games I can call cinematic games but having that not be a problem. The Bayonetta series is proving that it can have amazing production values through its action and not just cut scenes. Bayonetta is quite the opposite in that factor too since the cut scenes can play like a slide show at times and still be enjoyable. There is also the fact that I feel an action game needs a skip function for the scenes. The problem with these games focusing on its walking and such, it feels that the cut scene effect takes too long even in-game play. Devil May Cry never had this trouble and while they do have their cut scenes, I can have more enjoyment with them. Games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry have a more simplistic fun with their cut scenes and there is nothing wrong with that. Hell, I can easily remember them more for the fun they shown me, like Devil May Cry 3’s opening scene.


Or when Dante rocks out!

Going back to these cinematic games, like God of War for example. I do fear that the movie styled games are going to cut down on the combat. God of War shows us this by adding things that are simply not needed. Walking, walking, and walking. Okay there are more problems like the whole camera view in that game and how it just gives Kratos a blinking indicator on his back on when an enemy is going to attack. While it was not a bad idea of why it is there, it creates a problem that makes reading foes easier. The previous God of War games did not have this problem and while I am not a big fan when the series quickly went into QTE hell, I can still say those games had better combat. I really have to call out on God of War’s combat when a PS2 game called God Hand has similarities to it and have a deeper combat system, maybe a bit too complicated, but I rather learn to play an action game. God of War never really shows this and the further you get in, it gets easier thanks to the new weapons you gain. The farther you get into God Hand you still need to set up your move list and while you have more to use, you need to know how they work together.


While God of War is better made, God Hand still comes off as better experience for me.

Bayonetta did make the whole process of learning combos easier and in return they made the enemies for aggressive. Bayonetta teaches you of to dodge to get big rewards and those games never have an indicator on her back. The experimentation is still around thanks to new weapons you can use. It gets around a problem that games like Kingdom Hearts has for me with how easy it is to use one button to win the game. Devil May Cry follows these ideas as well and thanks with a strict combo system that depending on a certain rank you have, you can actually start to damage some of the enemies. Metal Gear Rising teaches you to play offensively and still read the foe so that you can parry and get right back into your attacks. The Yakuza franchise has open combat and teaches you to store energy and use the environment around you. While action games can be hard to get into, I feel that is a massive appeal to them because when you master them, you can start to have more fun with the combat. Then thanks to multiple methods of mastering combat just keeps opening up possibilities of how you can play and learn. Action games needs to teach people the hard way at times and it’s fine to struggle in the beginning. A game like God of War does not have these factors which makes the combat too easy to learn and yet be a game that is slow to get through.


Overall, my biggest hope for a game like Devil May Cry 5 is that the mainstream audience can start to learn more about the good feelings of intense action. Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne do well with being known has hard action games. There is no reason why any action game should make itself easier with its mechanics. The only option is to give more possibilities to use and learn because with that method people can find their own ideas. Bayonetta did do well thanks to the sequel it rightly deserved and there is even Nier Automata that even tells a strong story along with rich and open combat. So far Devil May Cry 5 is showing off its flashy combat correctly thanks to many ideas and weapons to use for combos. All that is left to say is that my Devil Trigger has been pulled as I cannot wait to enjoy the rich combat that Devil May Cry has been known for, as I hope many others will learn as well.


Nero can ride on his own arm! Who needs Dad of War?!


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