No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle: Another Look Into Violent Media Part Two

It has been some time before returning to No More Heroes 2 analysis. Again, No More Heroes 2 is a bit messier to deal with mostly because of the larger amount of bosses around. Then including the tone shift from the first game, there can be some outliers here and there to look into. Either way, it is time to kick off with part two as we score ourselves with a touchdown.


No More Heroes 2 is ready to play with more violence goodness as we did get some more violence representation with music, plays, and religion, but what about sports? Well our next man is Charlie Macdonald and his group of cheerleaders. Somehow Charlie is ranked 25th and all of his cheerleaders are lower numbers than him. I am just imagining cheerleaders killing people now. Well the first thing that is obvious to point out is that this representation of sports is more of an American point of view. Football is really big in America and Santa Destroy is a fictional city in America, so it makes sense why football is being used. Then with Charlie being the big strong football player, he is the jock you know the stereotype that would beat up the nerds. Then the cheerleaders simply follow his lead because he is a hunk! Also I have to point out the outfits for these cheerleaders are insane, there is no way any high school would approve of this outfits.  So the violent angle that could be here is probably jabbing at the rough physical nature of a sport like football and maybe even some sexual nature. Well guess what Suda must of got bored of the idea and just decides to make Charlie and his groupies to have a giant robot, yup we got a giant robot fight! Travis somehow gets access of one as well because someone wiped it up for him, but how in the hell did both of these guys get giant robots?


This is probably actually bringing up another point of violent media, when one is impressed by such violent acts, weapons are usually needed to perform them. What is a big problem in the United States compared to other countries, is gun control. Also, there is a cliché with jock characters getting weapons with no real trouble which does come from some real life issues in the States. Suda 51 used the football angle to represent how violent these players can get and most importantly when they are young and easy to impress and making mistakes in their lives. Well Charlie messed with the wrong assassin as him and his cheerleaders get sent to space and get blown up by the Buster Cannon! What I find funny is that Travis does feel a bit bad for killing some cheerleaders, but when his rank was at risk he quickly goes on how dangerous they were. Travis needs to progress in the ranks so that he can get his revenge and he did have a more funny way of showing that it is still revenge in the end, the never ending cycle of violence.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

The next boss is Matt Helms and with a big body and a creepy looking mask, there is no doubt he is based on the horror genre. Now for Japan, horror is quite different compared to America, but luckily this character carries tropes and references from both regions. Let us start with his appearance since that is what we see first and what we fight. Matt does not say anything when he appears or even when he fights, this is clearly pointing to icons like Jason, Leatherface, and Michael Myers. With Matt having a bigger body and blood all splashed around his body I will say he represents Leatherface the most. Another thing about American horror icons is that they have a unique weapon like Jason with his machete, Freddy with his claw, and Leatherface with his chainsaw. Matt carries a huge axe that can also be a flamethrower. Well the axe can be a nod to Evil Dead where Ashley Williams does constantly use an axe. The flamethrower could then be a reference to The Thing where the flamethrower was one of the most important weapons in that film. Also, Matt Helms wears a mask which is similar to the three horror icons I mentioned before. Then add in the fact that his stage is destructible just like how many horror icons love to break through windows, doors, and even walls. By appearance he has many mixtures here, but what is Matt’s story?


Matt is actually a child and he can never die so how did this guy become an assassin in these death battles? Either way Matt is a child who swore revenge to Hell itself because his family tried to kill him and in his last breathes he vowed to the devil. Now Matt is a spirit of the damned where he got his revenge, but he lives eternally just doing nothing. Him being a child spirit is a reference to Ju-On the big horror franchise in Japan. I do think they also have a Nightmare on Elm Street reference since Slyvia just burns the house down with the child spirit still in there. Matt does show something though about the cycle of revenge though since he got it on the people that tried to kill him and what did he get? This boy got eternal damnation of being a spirit that just haunts the living and just being a maniacal killer. So Travis is just getting revenge right now so will something like this happen to him soon, will Travis’ life just be fighting forever like the child with a grudge?


Now for the next two assassins are two deadly females in their own special way, one with innocence and the other with lust. I want to cover the desirable girl first since she has one of my favorite designs in the whole series. Cloe Walsh is actually a ranked assassin in the battles as she is locked away on Prison Island. First to mention would be her heavy gothic themes and she came right after the horror themed boss. Cloe does even show the time of the gothic boom where everything just got added goth themes. Now the big thing people like to point about this character is that she is a seductress with poison breathe and it is known that Suda is a fan of Batman, so she could easily be a reference to the villain, Poison Ivy.

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Then there are previous bosses that have played with sex appeal before, the biggest one being Bad Girl, but I think Cloe tops her. When Cloe is first found she is all tied up and even Travis makes a bondage reference saying that he is a not a fan. Then even when she is fear from her prison she still has an extremely sexy look along with some kinky bondage looks. Now what is funny is that Cloe almost got a quick kill on Travis when she almost got a kiss on him. With knowing about previous bosses there have been some changes with themes. I feel that Cloe works as showing the distraction of violent entertainment. Looks can be deadly and there are times you do not know what you are getting yourself into which can apply to real life and even some entertainment, so be careful.


So with Cloe showing how violence can have it distractions Kimmy works in that way too, but she takes a more innocent way of doing it. First off Kimmy was not part of the ranked assassins, but she has been in assassin fights before because Travis is her role model. She was motivated by Travis the Great and wanted to be just like him. So this is a character that is going blindly into the battlefield because she wants to meet someone that is great and powerful… this is just another Travis. Now what Kimmy shows is tons of anime tropes, first she is a young school girl that has a crush on her Senpai, she even hands Travis a love letter! What ended up happening though is that her thirst for blood has gone too far. Kimmy even of thinking killing Travis has she starts off showing yandere traits. Kimmy even shouts out internet lingo. Kimmy is pretty much mocking the recent trends of what the generation of people is like. They are all about the moe~ or even the yandere archetypes as those can be heated debates on the internet. The other shocking part is that Kimmy does not die in her battle since Travis does not want to kill a coed. To me this is showing there is no point in killing such an immature child that has not grown up yet.

maxresdefault (3).jpg

This one is a bit shorter than my usual analysis posts, but I did cover four bosses in one go. Again some of these bosses do have less material than others and that is simply because there are so many other bosses and not all could get the same attention. For the next part of this analysis we get a huge dose of déjà vu with tons of returning characters like a killer machine, the femme fatale, the split personality superhero, and our friendly rival character along with some new surprises.



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