Lets Talk Character Designs: Kamen Rider Double Part 3

It has been quite recent since part two of this look into Kamen Rider Double’s designs, but with what I have to cover today, I want to get this done. Not only do I get to one of the best final forms of the franchise, I even get to my all time favorite monster design in the entire franchise. So I am not wasting any time… XTREME!

Cyclone Joker (Accel) Xtreme


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Time to gush folks, this is still one of the loveliest final forms around. What a great concept of adding a third main color to the overall Double suit. Easily the best part about this color is the use of white which has the meaning of perfection, pretty good idea to get across for a final form. The base form for Double always had a silver line in the middle so with those lines finally breaking and creating a new formation it makes the new section pop up more. Then did not go for just a simple white, they went for a reflective clear section and now there are more silver lines around the suit. I love the change to the helmet where you clearly see an “X” on the top and what is even better you can still form a “W” with that. The shoulders are still easy to move in and now have clear “W’s” on them, but I say this again, you can play connect the dots and get “X’s” too. The Xtreme memory is bigger than the Double Driver and yet it does not become a problem for the suit. Again we have the “X” and “W” there and the gold on it clashes well since Double’s Cyclone side already has gold as well. Then they even got a bit crazy and even had a suit for Cyclone Accel Xtreme where I am surprised how good the red works and how the visor changes is a nice cherry on top. What more can I say about this suit, it has big changes and does not go overboard making it good to see in fights. The straight split with the clear center makes each side easy to look at like with regular Double. I clearly still see the two in one rider which is another plus for any final form to do.

Accel Booster


Accel did receive a third form thanks to a focus movie for this rider and I will say this is probably my least favorite of Accel’s designs, but it’s not bad by any means. It is also a clever idea since we have seen yellow Accel before when he transforms into Trial. Which this yellow form is a clear fusion of both designs. Most of the silver is kept from original Accel and yet he is slimmed down like Trial. The shoulder pads have changed to something I am not a big fan of which is how they flap around, but they are small so it does pass. The new visor has a closed look to it, possibly because of how intense he is flying (got to wonder how he can see). The silver toned feet stick around from the original design as well and yellow and silver work well together. Its like gold and silver they just mesh so well together. Now the new chest piece is something to behold because it’s not bad, I just think there are too many pieces to it. The overall top part of the chest is fine, but the lower half is where the problems start. I really think the six silver bars easily could have been just two full pieces with no lines in them. Or even just have one big silver bar and get rid of the horrible middle part of the lower half. Also I feel like Accel is going to shoot lasers out of his chest. Overall the use of yellow and silver work extremely well even if the chest can be a bit strange to say the least.



One thing I found out for certain that the Sonzaki family memories all have distinct connections to South America. Nasca are the lines in the sand, Claydoll is based on pottery, and now Terror is probably a way to represent the Mayans. Now the big problem is how to pick between the Mayans and the Aztecs because both can be mistaken for each other at times. Well there is a bit of an interesting take here for the theme of the character himself that I want to look into first. The Mayans lived in independent cities where they had a king and his royal family. With how Ryubei really controls Fuuto from the underground and how the city cherishes the family, that can easily be taken as the Mayan live style. Fuuto is Fuuto and clearly has it own established culture compared to other Japanese cities, this is a big reason why Fuuto was a fictional city in the first place. So that it can have stand out qualities and the show did really well to do that. So Mayans are pretty dead on here, so where does the fear come from?


One thing about Terror is that he usually likes to come out during the night or anytime he does appear the scenery gets dark. Why is this a reoccurring theme with Terror? Well oddly enough there is a legend in Mayan culture about the solar eclipse. One thing to remember is that the sun was extremely important for the ancients so with the sun just going away was scary to them. The legend even created a snake or dragon “star demon.” So with all that said what does Terror have to relate. Obviously he uses the darkness at his advantage and he literally summons a demon out from his helmet! On top of that his head-piece really looks like he just stole something from a temple. It is also the reason why that head piece stands out so much, the demon rest there. The dark colors Terror has and then that blue on top just stands out so much. Even the head piece has a dark cape coming from it and that cape even has gold underneath it! This is a literal representation of the darkness looming over light. So the whole aspect of terror is based on a legend, like how crazy is that?

star demon.png



Now this is an extremely easy one to get down. Simply by looking up what a Smilodon is just reveals the whole thing. The Smilodon is a saber toothed cat, not a tiger, but a cat. This one is more obvious when knowing that the family cat is this Dopant. Funny enough fossils of this species have been found in Brazil which connects this to South America. Now while the concept of this Dopant is easy, they still went out of their way to make this cat creature stand out. You simply got to love all that fur he has. It goes well with the overall black body, it jumps out. Yet the two things that really jump out you would be those red fangs he has. This easily shows that this creature is always out for blood and knowing its the best killer of the family easily establishes that. Then here is something crazy to notice, the right arm of this beast has an eye. I love it when this Dopant puts his hands together and points that eye in your direction, it just looks like another creature. The right arm even has a nostril! The markings it has on its head could be a reference to the skull of this creature since they always this hole in its skull. Either way what a freaky cat to have as a pet.




A creature of the dream realm is not that original. I mean we all know who Freddy is. Now there have been depictions of other dreams creatures before and I really enjoy Nightmare’s ties to Native Americans. The big thing to notice for that would be the big bird head this creature has. Dream Catchers have feathers tied to them and they control the good and bad dreams. Nightmare even has a chakram for a weapon and even uses it like a catcher. The use of white could be reference to the legend of the dream catcher where they were made from webs. Also if you look at the center of the heads we do see a webbing like design on that bump. The chest piece clearly represents an insect of some kind which could relate to the web. Many other pieces to this design could be references to the bad aspects of dreams, like the skull. Death has been experienced in dreams so the use of the skull represents that and it is stuck onto this creature meaning it caught the bad dream. Even the two faces could represent both good and bad with one face in happiness and the other in shock. We all have those dreams that make us smile or the ones that make us jump out of bed. Also funny to note that the Dreamcatcher only works for those who believe the great spirit, in the show this creature would only cause harm to those who saw it. Then with the popularity of Dreamcatchers they are mostly popular in North and South America, so the connection is there again.



To get into the Liar Dopant we must remember what he called himself, the Radio Clown. Now a clown could be the wrong direction to look, but there is another type of jokester around. That would be the jester, which many people know for being the fool. Now everyone knows them for their funny hats and such, but there have been other depictions of jesters before. While this jester is not pleasing the people he is being tricky with his jokes. In literature there are fools that outwit the higher class. Also a modern use of the jester has the word “buffoon” where they ridiculous yet amusing. The Liar Dopant is no pretty looker and he constantly fools others around him with his lies. A jester can have a sharp tongue at times and they could get away with saying certain things. Another connection this Dopant has to the jester would be both hold spectres. Those usually symbolizes the jesters themselves with similar color schemes and decorations. The Liar Dopant’s spectre represents a big mouth which yea this guy talks a whole lot. Then that weapon even has spikes just like the Dopant himself. Then the obvious use of needles and spikes around his designs show off how hurtful words can be.



Alright, I have saved the best for last. This is my all time favorite Dopant in the series and this creatures hold one of the greatest designs I have ever seen. The first thing to mention is what a Utopia is. The term was made by Sir Thomas More where he wrote about a fictional island that is off the coast of South America (THE CONNECTION IS HERE TOO!). The reason why this was a fictional society was because the original term literally meant “no-place.” Now the meaning of utopia has been changed many times, but the biggest thing to focus on is that is not a real place. So how does this memory even work on the concept of technically nothing. Utopia is based all around hope because many people want to believe in a perfect place. This is where his design really kicks in, he looks like a monarch of some kind. There is even a technology side to this creature where you can see machine parts. There was a European novel that depicts that technology will bring this said Utopia, but there have been criticism towards it saying the opposite. The whole struggle of a Utopia in general is his design. A monarch that promises a perfect place and is clearly lying to fool his people, people give him their hope and he uses that for his own use. The broken parts of him shows the illusion of this fantasy and even the memory itself shows two men holding hands and laughing at each other. Gold is such a powerful color to show rank and that cape is flashy too. Then with nothing, but a simple baton he guides people or even powers to his will. Such a powerful image this Dopant holds and I love how his visor is incomplete since the owner of this memory is only 99% connected with this memory. It just shows that even having a power like Utopia is impossible to use fully and yet that is what powers it. Utopia in concept is one of the greatest powers around and they knew how to show it off.


Alright, I think it’s about time to end this look into Double’s designs. I know there are more out there, but I think I am dry on what I can possibly say about this topic. Maybe down the line I will do just Dopants since I am out of rider designs with Double. High chance I will probably be moving onto the finale of the look into Guilty Gear or something new.


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